We have always loved them because they are comfortable, feminine and perfect even at 50 and now they are back in fashion

Fashion continues to surprise for this autumn-winter 2021 and 2022. To help us face the coldest time of the year, there are many ideas from the fashion system. Many practical and glamorous clothing items at the same time by trend and that are depopulating in these hours.

Several times we have talked about the latest “fashionable” guidelines that focus on a strong woman, aware of her shapes and certainly who comes out of old stereotypes of beauty.

The so-called “dress code” changes shape, and today even over 50s can show off feminine and young looks without prejudice.

Trends over 50: the exaltation of conscious beauty

The women of the third millennium who have already blown out their 50 candles find themselves exhibiting a conscious beauty that appears at peace with the shapes of their bodies. Women who want to feel free in their movements, able to juggle the countless daily commitments but who do not give up the femininity of beautiful and trendy clothes.

Fashion rewards the strong women of 2022 and that is why it offers different garments that are easily adaptable to very young women but also to older women.

Impossible, for example, not to mention the global success of palazzo trousers. A classic garment that has recently come back in fashion. Here’s how to always combine it perfectly with these 4 tricks, also perfect for over 50s.

To protect us from the cold without bundling up, here are 5 fabulous garments that are good for everyone and that are becoming popular these days.

Who wants to slim the figure even wearing shoes without heels, here is the clever and ingenious trick that solves the problem.

In short, the fashion world offers many practical and fashion solutions. Like the wonderful dresses back now available in stores and which we will show this evening.

In fact, we have always loved them because they are comfortable, feminine and perfect even at 50 and now they are back in fashion

We are talking about leather dresses, or imitation leather that return to make the hearts of fashion victims beat again. These are garments that enhance the shapes in an elegant and feminine way, without squeezing the body too much with excessively snug fabrics. For this reason, clothes in leather or imitation leather are very popular because they accompany the body in a linear way without resting too much on the roundness.

Many models to choose from. From the short, to the midi, from the shirt dress to the sheath dress, this is how the leather dress (or imitation leather) can make every woman dream.

Surely the most popular color is black, but also pay attention to the shades of beige and brown, very popular for the winter.

Just combine the dress with a nice pair of ankle boots to immediately make the outfit more casual and practical. In this way, the dress gives a rock and bold note to the look. In addition, it adapts perfectly to all physicalities. You can opt for a more slippery model or you can enhance the waist with a thin belt.

So, that’s why we have always loved them because they are comfortable, feminine and perfect even at 50 and now they are back in fashion. Therefore, it is not worth letting them slip away. In fact, once the dress model has been chosen, the outfit will practically only require the addition of tights and a pair of shoes to be finished.

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