“We have nothing to hide”

Lustenau Mayor Kurt Fischer (ÖVP) wants better transparency rules – for everyone. He said this in an interview in “Vorarlberg LIVE”.

Last week there was great outrage among the Lustenau opposition. This is due to the events in the Economic Association, which are now also having an impact on the community level.

As reported, the FPÖ, Greens, Neos, SPÖ and Heimat aller Kulturen (HaK) demanded clarification in a joint press conference as to why the Lustenau People’s Party received a total of around 67,000 euros from the ÖVP sub-organization from 2015 to 2020. Two municipal elections were held during this period.

“You have to say that self-critically”

Mayor Kurt Fischer (ÖVP) commented on Tuesday at “Vorarlberg LIVE”. “Traditionally, we not only have a strong local group, but also a strong business association in Lustenau, with a large number of candidates at all levels, federal level, national council elections, state level and especially local level,” argued Fischer. “We have nothing to hide.” At the same time, the community leader spoke out in favor of better transparency rules in the future. “You have to say that self-critically.”

“Create Clarity”

An application for new regulations will be submitted on Thursday and will build on corresponding efforts at the federal and state levels. “I can only hope that we will succeed in creating clarity and transparency in the future. That is also our goal at the community level.”

But that applies to all factions. “If there are things that need to be clarified, then with all parties.”

Mr. Fischer, have you wedged advertisements?

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