We have to protect lithium, a coveted mineral: López Obrador

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador argued that in order for lithium not to fall into the power of private parties, it must be protected as proposed by the electricity reform, since “it belongs to the nation.”

According to articles 25 and 28 of the initiative, lithium is the property of the nation, so the State will take care of it and there will be no concessions, although it clarifies that the State’s actions on this mineral will not mean a monopoly.

“We have to protect this coveted mineral, which belongs to the nation, not allow it to pass into the hands of corporations or hegemonic powers. This is what the electricity reform initiative contains and little by little it will be explained, ”he said.

It should be noted that last June the United States Geological Survey reported that our country has an estimated 1.7 million tons of lithium mining reserves, a mineral called “white gold” and that is usually used in cell phone or car batteries. electrical, for example.

López Obrador criticized that with the energy reform of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto it was not mentioned that they would hand over large tracts of the national territory to private individuals for the exploitation of oil, therefore, if it had been made known, “it would not have been endorsed.”

“People did not know that they were going to hand over large tracts of the national territory for private companies to extract the oil. It was approved like this, they did not have time to deliver the entire territory, they delivered 110 contracts, but large extensions; They also gave areas where they knew there was oil, because there was a collusion with specialists and executives from Pemex. They played it safe, ”he commented.

When questioned as to whether the electricity reform contravenes the trade agreement with the United States and Canada, the head of the federal Executive reiterated that this is not the case, but rather that Mexico has comparative advantages to attract investment and fulfill the commitment of do not raise the price of light.

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