“We live with adversity and today we celebrate a title”

Colo Colo returned to the Talca Prosecutor seven months after sealing his permanence in the First Division, but this time to beat Everton 2-0 and shout with every champion of the 2021 Chile Cup, giving a clear example of the tremendous growth that this has had. team led by Gustavo Quinteros.

Coach Albo emotionally affirmed after the game to TNT Sports that “For me this title is great as a coach. We have had very difficult moments when we arrived, we lived with adversity and today we celebrate a title that is not the main one, but it gives us the possibility to play at least the pre-Libertadores. Thank the group of players who left everything in each game, in each training session to prepare, with some adversities and achieved a huge title for all the people. Of course dedicating it to all the people of Colo Colo, who always supported, celebrating with the public is incredible. The title is for them ”.

Regarding the development of the party, the Santa Fe said that “The first half they set the start well for us. We did not have situations to go out playing, they marked us man to man almost the entire court, we had no associated game and we sought with Bolados as a second striker to win the second ball, spaces between lateral and central and we succeeded. We gained spaces behind the steering wheels, also the second balls, we had more handling with Gil, the recovery of Soto. We improved a lot and that’s why we won ”.

“I am at this moment again happy. I imagine next year with the same group of players, one always aspires to lead in international cups. Hopefully it can be given. We will continue to form a team to fight for the National Championship now and then we will see, hopefully it can happen ”added.

Colo Colo will return to play the Copa Libertadores after being consecrated in Talca. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

On the process that led the team to shout champion after saving themselves from relegation, Quinteros stated that “Many things changed. They left a lot, like 15 or 16 players, we gave a lot of participation to the boys from the quarry, we made a team with a lot of dynamics, speed, sometimes it costs us when they score us a lot, but the team plays well and surpasses the rivals footbally ”.

Finally, the Prof had nice words for Pablo Solari, one of the scorers of the afternoon. “Walter Lemma knew him from Talleres, we saw him on video, we thought that in six months he was going to play and in less than two he was playing, he was a figure to maintain the category and now for a title, he always is. I congratulate him ”, concluded.

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