We played Babylon’s Fall: don’t play it

Considered the worst failure of the year 2022, Babylon’s Fall does not betray that reputation at all. This game developed by PlatinumGames is simply a disgrace.

My first evening with Babylon’s Fall turned sour. While I wanted to give it a chance, by going there backwards, of course, a maintenance message first got the better of my curiosity. Developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix, this action-oriented RPG falls into the game-service category, these experiences — à la Fortnite to quote the best known — thoughts to last over time (thanks to regular updates) and, above all, to make money with microtransactions. Hence these necessary hours of interruption. Is.

My subsequent attempts were a little more fruitful and I was able to play for about ten hours at Babylon’s Fall, enough playing time to realize how much of a fiasco it is. And that explains why the servers today look like a No Man’s Land, despite a recent release (March 3, 2022). Even though this Babylon’s Fall would be free-to-play (it costs €70…), we would not even recommend it. It’s simple, there is not much to save from this project, despite the big names behind it. It could almost be a case study, to be shown to students so that they never reproduce it.

Want to jump into the void // Source: Capture PS5
Want to jump into the void // Source: Capture PS5

Who validated that at Square Enix?

But who the hell could validate this game in the offices of Square Enix? This question kept tormenting my mind during the few moments that I granted to this Babylon’s Fall, an awkward revisit of the Tower of Babel (a biblical episode). Where, roughly speaking, we embody a Sentinel supposed to recover relics by climbing the Ziggurat, obviously in the midst of a conflict. This thin narrative base, never helped by the staging, becomes a pretext for a stack of basic quests, playable solo or in cooperation (if you find people).

It’s painful, joystick in hand

The first damning observation is visual. Certainly, the graphics will never make a game. But there are limits, in particular embodied here by an unsightly filter which makes everything blurry. As is, Babylon’s Fall really does not look like anything, if not a production released at the very end of the PlayStation 2 era. The RPG is so ugly, that it would pass the Nintendo Switch for a monster of power, and several titles in its catalog for as much technical showcases. The structure, however, has nothing very demanding to display: simple corridors that connect cramped arenas and a central hub that has killed any notion of ecstasy. To make matters worse, the animations are laughable. Too often, we have the impression of embodying a pachyderm. And it’s painful, controller in hand, especially when we are asked to reach heights.

Yes, we can't see anything // Source: Capture PS5
Yes, we can’t see anything // Source: Capture PS5

In my opinion, the main problem is visual “, estimates Dashiell Wood, in an interview granted to Rock Paper Shotgun and published on May 10. The interested party recently made a name for himself by finding himself alone on the servers of the PC version – a real indicator of bitter failure for a game encouraging multi-party sessions. The Last of the Mohicans adds: I imagine that is a deal breaker for a lot of people. We can only agree with him. Can PlatinumGames rectify the situation? The work promises to be colossal.

Fortunately, PlatinumGames, capable of the best (Bayonetta, Nier Automata) like the worst (Anarchy Reigns), knows how to ensure the bare minimum in terms of action. Here, the main argument is to look for the hero’s ability to be able to carry four weapons at the same time, thanks to two phantom arms consuming a dedicated gauge. Enough to unleash impressive combos to eliminate the few enemies that stand in our way. Big problem nevertheless; the fights are excessively long, to the point of becoming insipid, even annoying. This defect implies a difficulty less linked to the power of the adversaries than to our patience in front of their life bar which is reduced millimeter by millimeter. The calvary is only widening.

A boss // Source: Capture PS5
A boss // Source: Capture PS5

In Babylon’s Fall, progress is not motivating either. There is the constant race for loot, which allows you to increase your number of damage between each mission (the equipment is frozen when you go on a raid). But we still do not understand why we earn experience points, nor what are the medals we collect at the end of each confrontation. Especially since the attribution seems random: we sometimes received the ultimate reward with the impression of completely missing out on the fight. Quirks that really do not make you want to continue the adventure, weighed down by an incalculable number of flaws. Other games of the genre, like Anthem and Marvel’s Avengers (also signed by Square Enix), took a wall for less than that.

In view of the deplorable state in which he came out, Babylon’s Fall is almost an insult to the aura of Square Enix (which has been piling up bad projects for a few months), the legacy of PlatinumGames and the confidence of players. ” I guess I’m drawn to his unpopularity. Although being an MMO, nobody talks about it and I imagine that few people have played it. But since you can finish a good part of the game solo, it’s interesting to be one of the few people to have approached it. It may not be a good experience, but it is truly unique “Explains Dashiell Wood to justify his relentlessness. For my part, I prefer to be ashamed for Square Enix.

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