We present Isabel Abensur, the voice of ‘Yo soy’

The phrase is installed in the popular imagination. The classic ‘Yo soy’ is heard and there is a direct relationship between Latina and the imitation singer program. But behind that melodious and contagious intonation, there is Isabel Abensura lady who sings salsa, although she interprets all genres, and today she tells the story of that jingle and her adventures as a singer, her true passion.

Mr. Edmundo Delgado from ‘Estudio Amigos’ called me and asked me to create a phrase for a television program.

I need to record a spot for a singer impersonation show.

With Moisés, my partner, we got to work and the melody and the phrase were born.

That’s how it is. When I comment on it at shows and sing it, the audience gets excited.

First it was a payment, then royalties came, but in time pandemiceverything was cut.

There was a change from the legal issue and nothing comes, heh, heh.

I started interpreting songs from the memory, ballads in English from the 70s, 80s. Those were my times from Barranquilla.

No, but they were my performances in that district.

More than anything, my classmates called me to serenade their mothers or when a classmate had a birthday, they asked me to interpret a song.

At weddings, they ask me to sing ‘The Bodyguard’ or the ‘Titanic’ song.

Many times the famous bolero: ‘We are boyfriends’

They always want Marisol’s songs. Songs like ‘Thirty Seconds’, ‘El Estupido’ and they always point to someone at her table, ha ha.

Some tell you: ‘Now then, play a salsa’ and on one occasion, a guy took the microphone from me and it was he who wanted to sing. Obviously, he was drunk.

They ask for huaynos and I don’t have any problems, because I can sing until tunantada.

It is that the show is recorded and when time passes and they are old, they will see the video again and review their history, I will be present at that beautiful moment of their lives.

I speak first and then I sing, ha ha.

He plays his sax and convinces me to forgive him.

They share the stage with her husband (Photo: Giancarlo Ávila)

I am a singer-songwriter and melancholy to compose.

Mine comes up at any time and when it arrives, I write it down if it’s lyrics or I record it if it’s melody.

To my partner and I say: ‘I have this, but don’t laugh’.

Because I am shy.

The October 14th It will be the release of my new song on all digital platforms.

@isabensur and the phone for contracts is 983510878.

To you.


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