We start the week thinking about taking a step towards something great

Colo Colo’s victory over Deportes Antofagasta at the Monumental Stadium allowed Cacique to be the brand new winter champion of the 2021 National Championship, this added to the fact that Unión La Calera fell in local condition to the U, so that could not out-score the albos.

The weekend ended perfect for Gustavo Quinteros’ team, as he managed to cmiss the first wheel above all and aim high in the second half of the tournament, where the objective of everyone in the Monumental is to be able to lift the champion’s cup.

Well, this week could be the key to that, since Colo Colo will play two vital matches in his eagerness to stretch his advantage with his closest pursuers, starting this Wednesday from 4:30 p.m. against Unión La Calera at the Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Stadium on the 18th date of the tournament.

El Cacique is the leader of the tournament with 33 points, while the cement manufacturers are second with 31, so that a dawn victory could stretch five units away with our closest pursuer, taking a very important step at the start of the second round of the tournament.

Further back are Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica, casts that have 28 points, for which if they win they could only match the 31 units of La Calera in case the Cacique prevails in the synthetic of the fifth region.

Colo Colo finished leader of the tournament in his first round with 33 points. | Photo: UNO Agency.

After this meeting Colo Colo will host Cobresal this Saturday, cast that managed to escape in the last dates of the positions committed to the descent and is already thinking about add points that allow you to fight for a place in international cups.

Two important games that will serve as a test for Gustavo Quinteros’ team now that it is a leader. There are 17 finals to come and you have to try to win them all to achieve that goal after precious at the end of this season.

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