We tell you all about the controversial Overwatch 2 battle pass

We tell you all about the controversial Overwatch 2 battle pass

As the game’s release approaches, Blizzard has finally detailed the famous battle pass that is making waves, and not for the right reasons.

Blizzard’s team shooter has been making waves in recent months. After the announcement of its transition to free-to-play, players have not failed to worry about the future of the economic model of the game. Although the studio has tried to reassure players on many occasions, the new system is far from unanimous now that it has been officially unveiled.

The big reveal happened yesterday, and the teams ofOverwatch will not have taken long before attracting the wrath of the community. The announcement of Kiriko, the latest support to date, tried somehow to water down the rest of the announcements, but the charm of the new Japanese heroine was not enough to pass the pill. The game’s new battle pass content will keep players playing again and again to make sure they don’t miss a thing. This mode of operation, the antithesis of what Overwatch years will require a great deal of effort to adapt.

A battle pass that does not pass

The main fault with this new system lies in the mode of acquisition of new heroes. These are still accessible for free, but with a huge progression in the battle pass. In the announcement blog post, Blizzard gives the example of Kiriko, available at level 55 of the pass. It is impossible to know how much playing time this represents, but if we base ourselves on the offers of competitors, we might as well say that it will take a lot of games.

Credits: Blizzard

If players decide to checkout and unlock the premium version of the battle pass, characters are unlocked instantly. The studio has very clearly found the carrot that will push the community to spend. It will cost around 10€ to get the full version of the battle pass. In addition to the charactersoffered”, an experience boost will help players complete the stages and obtain all the rewards. We find a package of skins really very charming, but it will be necessary to redouble our efforts to unlock them.

Although the switch to free-to-play will undeniably give a boost to a game that desperately needed it, the first details of the new economic model would almost make us regret the lootboxes. It will be necessary to wait next october 4 to discover the real progress of this in-game pass.

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