We tested the Canon PowerShot PX

Having a personal photographer at home without calling on a professional is possible! How ? Thanks to the latest Canon named PowerShot PX. But then, what is it really worth? To get an idea, we lived with the R2-D2 of photography for about ten days.

Group photos… what an exercise! Birthdays, family meals, picnics, there are many moments that deserve to be immortalized. And yet. Let it be said, everyone has already had the right to their little sprint, after having turned on the self-timer of their camera, to place themselves in the photo. Everyone has already had the right, too, to the badly framed photo or the stiff neck because of the selfie stick offered free of charge by Aunt Yvonne at Christmas. A laborious exercise, therefore, but one that is repeated tirelessly at each event. However, it would seem that, this time, the moments of life of a family or a group of friends can be captured without the slightest difficulty. This performance, we owe it to the famous Japanese manufacturer Canon. At the end of 2021, the company, which specializes in optical products, unveiled the Canon PowerShot PX. A small autonomous camera whose task is to capture moments of life.

The “unboxing”

At the opening of the box, we dive back with fun into the 2000s by discovering a device that looks like the webcam that dressed our computers. A small compact black camera (which also exists in white) accompanied by a USB-C charger and a 16 GB Micro SD card.

First good surprise, the grip. Indeed, this cute little robot weighs only 170 grams, memory card included. It must be said that the PowerShot PX is no bigger than a palm… of a hand, with a height of 81.9 mm and a width of 56.4 mm. To accompany the technical equipment, a user manual. Above we learn, obviously, how to turn on the camera, how to connect the memory card and the charger. We also discover a QR code that invites us to easily download the application on theApp Store Where Google Play“Connect app for Mini-PTZ”, useful for managing the camera remotely by simply connecting your smartphone to the PowerShot PX. Easy to use, it allows you to view what the device perceives. It also offers access to videos and photos, to review the highlights via a calendar and of course to adjust the settings of the device such as, for example, to activate the shooting of a video in 1080p or to prioritize faces.

“Hello Pixie, take a picture”

Once the camera is out and the application is installed, it’s time to try out this new “toy”. That’s good, we are with family this weekend. The perfect opportunity to immortalize moments of conviviality.

As mentioned a little above, it is thanks to its algorithm that the PowerShot PX will capture, autonomously, its shots. And not to miss anything, Canon has equipped it with a mechanism allowing it to turn 340°. The sensor is, moreover, tiltable from bottom to top. Convenient when the PX is placed on a table or chest of drawers – Note that it is also possible to take control of the device, thanks to the application, to capture your photos and videos – Not being equipped with mini robotic legs, it will simply be necessary to think of moving it during the meal to obtain shots from all angles and, thus, to avoid having certain people from behind.

Another advantage of this intelligent robot: its voice recognition! “Hello Pixie, take a picture” and presto, it’s in the box! Thanks to the voice command you can also invite him to change the frame or simply to stop the shooting.

The PowerShot PX therefore accompanied us throughout the evening. During the aperitif, thanks to a beautiful light, the device gave us very good quality photos and videos. When dinner arrived, at the same time as dusk, we must admit that, like many other devices, the quality of the photo is slightly reduced. But the little robot has not said its last word! Since the latter captures snapshots spontaneously, you might as well say that the image bank is quite large. Fortunately, the PowerShot PX is smart enough to offer itself a selection of photos and videos that it considers to be the most successful. No need to skim, therefore, the hundreds of photos taken during the evening, the prettiest come to us in a single click.

Canon PowerShot PX
Canon PowerShot PX © Canon

Overall, the experience with the PowerShot Px was interesting. It is true that the device is constantly there to capture moments of life, which we would not necessarily have thought of capturing in normal times. It is also a good way to no longer have to give up someone in the photo to play the role of the photographer. Now everyone can be in the picture! And then, unlike forced smiles, closed eyes or severed heads during posed photos, here the Canon camera captures natural expressions in a creative and intelligent way. It is therefore an ideal device for moments of conviviality. Last significant pleasure, the Canon PowerShot PX allows you to discover a selection of unpublished shots, which it took discreetly without realizing it!

Practical information

Find the essential Canon PowerShot PX kit on the Canon website at the price of €469.99 and until July 31, Canon reimburses you €50. To do this, simply register at canon.fr/ete2022.

This content was produced in partnership with Canon. BFMTV’s editorial staff did not participate in the production of this content.

In partnership with Canon

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