– We thought: “Why in the world is not TV made about something that concerns so many?”

Wednesday night, the stage is set for the premiere of the TV 2 documentary series Part of me with the presenters Solveig Kloppen (50) and Geir Fredriksen (39).

In the series, we follow family members who have broken contact with each other for various reasons and who now want a reconciliation. Kloppen and Fredriksen support the participants and are by their side all the way.

– Incredibly touching

Ahead of tonight’s premiere, TV 2 had a chat with the presenters about the honest documentary series.

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The duo agree that the recording of the program has been something quite different from what they are used to.

– This is my boss

– It has been very nice, very challenging. And then I have to say that it has been incredibly moving and powerful to see how brave the participants have been. I am very impressed, says Kloppen.

– It is not such a TV program where you experience that you go to work and are the host, Fredriksen adds.

After collaborating with the TV 2 documentary series What I Did Not Say – where Fredriksen was the director and Kloppen in front of the camera – the duo wanted to explore conflicts within the family. This is how Part of me blossomed.

MAKER: Solveig Kloppen and Geir Fredriksen worked together during the TV 2 documentary series What I did not get to say in 2019. Now they are program manager colleagues in the new documentary series, Part of me. Photo: Marte Christensen / TV 2

– We thought: “Why in the world is not TV made on something that concerns so many of us?”. And then we thought: “Oh, TV is probably not made on something that concerns so many of us because it is difficult”, but we did the experiment, and have carried it out, and it has been very educational, says the 39-year-old.

The presenters further praise the series’ psychologists who both they and the participants have been able to rely on.

– Concerns us all

Colleagues believe that Part of me can help shed light on why people end up in conflict with each other.

– Everyone can get a few more tools in the toolbox simply. We hope and believe that people who watch can also bring something into their lives and their relationships, without it having to be a big conflict. We humans are basically quite similar, Kloppen believes.

Gets embarrassed in the million car: – Are you kidding, what’s the matter !?

The partner nods and shoots in:

– It concerns us a little bit all the stories we are going to see now. We are not all exactly the same stories, but the dynamics of a family relationship are quite similar. At least I learned things along the way that I will use in my family.

– What do you think TV viewers will be left with?

– Hopefully I think the viewers will have learned something. That they may have learned something from how to meet other people, not only in close relationships, but in all relationships, the 50-year-old believes.

After the recording, neither Kloppen nor Fredriksen feel finished with the series. Both want to continue working in a second season.

– We bring with us a desire to make more. We want to get in touch with more people who think they need help with their relationship with a father or mother. We feel that there is a potential to do more here, says Fredriksen.

Watch Part of me on Wednesdays at 20.00 on TV 2 and whenever you want TV 2 Play.

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