‘We want more support for our families, what we earn is not enough’: gaseros

A group of workers belonging to the Gremio Nacional Gasero met in the Plaza de la República to determine what actions to take to ask for support to support their families.

The commissioners had a small assembly at the Monument to the Revolution to determine their march to the Zócalo in Mexico City, a proposal that they finally rejected.

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When they did not agree, the workers decided to withdraw and only a small group came to the capital’s Zócalo to make notes of their presence before the capital’s authorities about the problem they present with the rates and the hydrocarbon commission.

We are gas workers in general, we cannot say that we are from a group, because we are workers. We only came to try to be solved and supported, not the price because we do not want the price to increase, we want more support for our families than we have. What they are giving us to win is not enough, they help us to win a little more. Of this profit they give us a minimum of 50 cents, which is very little and they make us take responsibility for employees and spare parts. Right now we are waiting to see what they tell us, we do not want hair, we do not want disturbances, “said Issac Ricardo Hipolito, one of the affected gas carriers.

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Their stay in Plaza de la Constitución was only for a few minutes, later they left with an unknown destination.

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