"We wanted to please the public"Chanuna" : why Eric and Quentin’s film crashed according to the director

In an interview with BFM, director Stéphane Kazandjian returned to the reasons for the monumental failure of Bad Buzzthe film with Eric and Quentin de Daily.

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In 2017, Eric Metzger and Quentin Margot, a duo of comedians from the Quotidien show better known as Eric and Quentin, took the small world of French cinema by surprise when they left Bad Buzztheir comedy, directed by Stephane Kazandjian. The first teaser of the comedy had marked the spirits. Then, when the film was released, the Télé-Loisirs teams asked them how to catch up on real bad buzz, such as the slippages of Cyril Hanouna or the embarrassing tweets of Donald Trump. Despite this ironic and biting communication advice, the miracle had not happened. And Bad Buzz at the cinema had made pschiiiit. With a bit of bad faith, Eric and Quentin then sought to explain the flop of their feature film. But today, with our colleagues from BFM TVit’s the turn of Stéphane Kazandjian, the director, to try to understand the reasons for the crash.

The movie was made for all the wrong reasons.

To our colleagues, Stephane Kazandjian (especially known for his screenplays like those of Pattaya and of far from the ring road) explains that he had the same agent asEric and Quentin. The two troublemakers were then preparing a film and were looking for a director. He then finds the scenario amusing but improvable. He therefore accepts the project. Except that the film is caught in the squabble between Canal+ and TF1 (owner of TMC where the show is broadcast Daily), at the time of the change of channel of the emission of Yann Barthès. Kazandjian would like to make changes to the script, but he is made to understand that he is not here for that. For him, “the film would have benefited from being much more rock’n’roll“. He pursues : “there, we were kind of stuck between two chairs, wanting to make both a nice, well-finished product and a hard-fought schoolboy thing. We didn’t have enough means to do it really well and too much to do it as it should have been done, that is to say like a kind of improvised bullshit“.

The film’s schizophrenia

Stephane Kazandjian goes even further. For him, the schoolboy humor that irrigates Bad Buzz is not part of the comic universe ofEric and Quentin (they have gone on to something else entirely now). “It was added a little precisely to try to solicit the public of the “Bande à Fifi” or Cyril Hanouna. It was the schizophrenia of the film, which wanted to please the public of Hanouna with the stars of Daily“! On the set, Stéphane Kazandjian does not really feel in his place. He has trouble completing certain sequences. Then, he ends up being ousted from the project altogether. “They just needed someone for the set. Anyway, that’s often on commissioned films“…Yet he asserts that”it fried him as a director“. As to whether he would see the film again, he replies: “i know i did it the best i could“.

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