We will seek collaboration between Guatemala and Campeche: Raúl Rocha Cantú

The Honorary Consul of Guatemala in the State of Mexico, Raúl Rocha Cantú, announced that he will seek to develop projects that can be carried out in conjunction with the government of Campeche, for the benefit of migrants who transit through southern and central Mexico.

The above, derived from the talk held by the Honorary Consul of Guatemala in the State of Mexico, Raúl Rocha Cantú, and the Governor of the State of Campeche, Layda Sansores San Román, during the official visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to Guatemala.

Rocha Cantú commented that there is a willingness on both sides, both the Campeche government and the Honorary Consulate of Guatemala in the State of Mexico, to carry out collaborative projects, which will also serve to strengthen ties between Mexico and the Central American country.

Mr. Rocha Cantú mentioned that by maintaining a close relationship between Campeche and Guatemala, sustainable projects can be achieved that develop each of the areas of vulnerability, such as stopping massive migration.

“The border between Guatemala and Mexico is an international limit of approximately 965 km, bordering the neighboring states of Chiapas, Tabasco and Campeche, which represents an opportunity to work together with these entities and address problems related to migrants,” he said. .

Finally, Raúl Rocha Cantú recognized the work of the Governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, and thanked her willingness to work together.

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