"We will try to bring joy to the people"

Colo Colo will play this Saturday the final of the Chile Cup in the Fiscal stadium of Talca and in the previous one of the commitment, the steering wheel Leonardo Gil He anticipated what the game against Everton will be and was clear in pointing out that they seek to bring joy to the people and meet the goal set as a squad.

“The game we have tomorrow is very important, the team arrives in a different way unlike the first final we had this year. The team is more mature, we are doing things well in the tournament and in the Chile Cup and nothing has been won yet, we are one step away and we will face a very difficult rival such as Everton and let’s hope everything turns out as we hopeGil said at a press conference.

“We have to play a great game to achieve the goal. Tomorrow would be a nice prize for all of us, because if Everton and we get to this point, it is for something, It will be a tough match, you have to be focused and the one who makes the fewest mistakes will achieve the goal“added the flyer.

Los albos once again play a final in Talca, although now totally different from the one that was played six months ago where it was the game for permanence and Colo Gil expressed that they are different situations and that they should give a new joy to the fans.

“They are two different feelings, it is the same scenario, but they are two different things. We must enter with positive energy for being in a final and we must do the best things to win it. Day by day we feel the affection of the fans and we will try to bring joy to the people “, he expressed.

This Saturday will be Colo Colo’s second final of the year and Colo Gil now hopes to keep the title.

The Colo Gil wants to be champion with the Cacique. (Photo: Agency One)

“Playing two finals in less than six months is important for the clubTomorrow we have to enjoy it in the best way and I am very happy to be here, in a very good human group and I feel important within the squad, “concluded the midfielder.

It should be remembered that the other final that was played in the year was the one corresponding to the Super Cup.

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