Weapons deliveries: After Putin’s speech: Melnyk is finally demanding heavy war equipment

The Ukrainian ambassador calls Putin’s speech a “fat acknowledgment” for the chancellor and the “way too anxious and timid politics”.

After the announcement of a partial Russian mobilization, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany demands Andriy Melnykthe federal government to finally bring battle tanks and other military equipment to the Ukraine.

The “anger speech” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, “with the repetition of nuclear threats, is a fat acknowledgment to the traffic light government and the Federal Chancellor for their always much too anxious and timid policy regarding arms deliveries to Ukraine,” Melnyk told our editorial team.

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War in Ukraine: Melnyk wants broad alliance

The federal government should immediately “supply all heavy war equipment that is possible”. Germany should also “lead a broad European alliance of like-minded people to hand over a significant portion of 2,000 Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukrainian army without delay,” said the ambassador.

Melnyk, who will leave the ambassador’s post in Berlin in October and return to Kyiv, spoke of the “top priority of the hour”. The obvious German attitude “not to provoke Russia too much, but not to corner it and to create a ‘space for diplomacy'” did not work.

Melnyk calls on “not to freeze”

At the latest now it has become clear: “Berlin’s indecisive strategy has failed”. The ambassador is convinced: “The only correct answer from the traffic light should now be not to freeze in terror, but to finally act energetically without any regard for new Putinian ramblings.”

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