Weapons, drugs and stolen objects: a gang that called itself “the kings of the neighborhood” fell

The Police of the province of Buenos Aires carried out six raids on the outskirts of La Plata and arrested two of the people who at the beginning of March looted a house at 149 and 528 and stole all kinds of items in the midst of a fierce attack against a a man who was denounced by the neighbors for the alleged mistreatment to which he would have subjected a teenager who ended up taking his own life.

The operations were carried out in the La Plata town of San Carlos, where between March 7 and 8 a group of people shot and threw stones at the house of the young man’s uncle in the midst of a ferocious lynching attempt that, however, could have been avoided by police officers. On that occasion they even took the security cameras installed in the place and caused serious damage in the surroundings.

Thanks to an extensive investigation, the security forces established the identities of the defendants and managed to find two of the members of a dangerous gang that called itself “Los reyes del barrio.” It is about a man and a woman who were made available to Justice, while two other people are still on the run.

Police sources told 0221.com.arFurthermore, during the operations a large part of what was stolen was seized: a security camera, a bicycle, grinders, polishers, drills, a chainsaw, a pool pump, twelve cell phones, a marijuana bush, firearms and ammunition, among many other items of interest to the cause.

According to the investigators, one of the fugitives is known in the area as Peluche and this would be the alleged leader of the group, also accused of other crimes that took place in the city.

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