Wedding planner training leads to a successful dream job in 6 months / Become a professional wedding planner with structured training


Wedding planner training leads to a successful dream job in 6 months / Become a professional wedding planner with structured training

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The team at “Dream Job Wedding Planner” provides aspiring wedding planners with the tools they need to start their dream job with success. You will learn what is important, how to present yourself professionally, win customers, design your prices and plan unforgettable weddings.

Learn from the pros

Carina Maikranz and Melanie Avanessian are experienced wedding planners with body and soul. At the beginning of their careers, they had to laboriously find out for themselves how the market works and what is important in this profession. They want to spare their customers this challenging path.

In the last five years, the two wedding planners have planned and successfully carried out over 100 weddings themselves. They are now passing on their expertise to the participants of their online training.

Melanie Avanessian, the wedding planning expert, emphasizes: “Planning events is not only my job, but also my calling and that was exactly the reason why we launched our project. We share our experiences, pass on all our knowledge and show what the real job of wedding planner entails.”

In six months to a successful wedding planner business

The training of “dream job wedding planner” promises measurable results. Within six months, young professionals learn how to build their own successful Wedding Planner Business build up and exist in this profession in the long term. The team of experts accompanies and advises you in all your steps and offers the support that the prospective planners need to overcome the initial hurdles. They are given proven strategies and a clear timetable, so that success comes almost automatically.

Interplay of four factors

Maikranz and Avanessian know what is important if you want to be successful as a wedding planner: The secret is an interplay of the factors mindset, practical know-how, strategy and visibility. First of all, as an entrepreneur, you need the right attitude towards selling and money, which is also the basis for more self-confidence in self-employment. This is where young entrepreneurs lay the foundation for their future success. They then learn everything to do with wedding planning, because a confident appearance and in-depth knowledge are the prerequisites for satisfied customers.

With the right positioning and customer approach, the prospective wedding planner wins his first customers. In this area, too, the participants learn to do things right from the start and to avoid typical mistakes. The whole thing is rounded off with a clear roadmap towards visibility so that interested parties can also find you.

“Especially in times of Corona, it has been shown that many wedding planners were poorly positioned. Although we have noticed a boom in the wedding industry in recent years and the profession of wedding planner is becoming more and more important, only a few wedding planners who are on the market are success.” reports Carina Maikranz.

“The reason for this is that they don’t have a functioning marketing system and their processes of how to plan a wedding professionally aren’t right. We teach our predominantly female participants all of this in a practice-oriented manner,” the founder continues.

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