Wednesday: Electric air taxi for US airline, meta against disinformation networks

American Airlines has pre-ordered 250 electric air taxis without ever seeing this VX4 in flight. Now, however, the manufacturer has successfully flown a prototype, only briefly and not high, but at least with a pilot. This test flight is not disinformation, although there is now a lot of fake news circulating. ZDF has uncovered how Russian actors try to influence public opinion in Germany with fabricated news. Meta responds and deletes. Meanwhile, Oracle has agreed on a payment in the millions with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, because even the group’s best anti-corruption controls have failed – the most important reports in a nutshell.

A electric air taxi by British start-up Vertical Aerospace has its first hover test successfully passed with pilot. The aircraft called VX4 can take off and land vertically and is for the transport of four passengers in metropolitan areas designed. The US airline American Airlines had before 250 VX4 pre-ordered and has already committed to paying for the first 50 aircraft. These air taxis could be officially approved by 2025: the electric air taxi pre-ordered by American Airlines takes off for the first time.

Fake media sites, which look deceptively similar to established news offers, but spread unfounded fears of starvation and death. are to blame Germany’s sanctions against Russia. Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees are badmouthed. Spread will be crap through many accounts on social networks, through links in comments under real media reports, on Facebook pages of embassies, hospitals or big brands. ZDF has found out about this system: Meta deletes two disinformation networks, one Russian and one Chinese.

In other matter is the US Securities and Exchange Commission Oracle got the hang of it. The group should million dollars diverted and in India, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates for Bribery of decision-makers and public officials have abused. Oracle does not admit, but does not deny the allegations either. Rather, the company pays 23 million dollarsto that set procedure and accepts an injunction: Again black coffers at Oracle – bribery in three countries.

In the car industry a new fad is going around. Of fresh sub-brands the manufacturers are hoping for an increased level of attention. Opel gets into this race with the revived abbreviation “GSe” a. To be united here are the Combination of electrified drives and sporty equipment. The first offshoot will be the astra with the stronger of two plug-in hybrids. 165 kW system output for the Opel sub-brand GSe: The first model will be the Astra with a powerful plug-in hybrid.

In the future, Opel will also be offering the more powerful of two plug-in hybrids in the Astra that Stellantis has on this basis in its range. At least for the time being, the Astra PHEV with a system output of 165 kW will only be available as a GSe.

After it the NASA probe Dart succeeded as planned in the Asteroid moon Dimorphos to race, there are now the first footage of the collision. One of the short videos was released by the University of Hawaii’s Atlas asteroid warning system, and the second is from Las Cumbres Observatory. Both have instruments in South Africa that targeted the Didymos asteroid system in time for the collision. The images show a point of light that suddenly becomes much brighter when the dust thrown up reflects much more light: The first images show the collision of the NASA probe Dart with asteroids.

Finally we could AMD Ryzen 7000 in the c’t lab measured, i.e. the flagship Ryzen 9 7950X with still 16 cores and the versions 7900X, 7700X and 7600X with 12, 8 and 6 cores. The most exciting question is of course: How strong is the new Ryzen “Raphael” compared to Intel’s Core i9-12900K “Alder Lake”? The new Ryzens have many other innovations, including the Zen 4 microarchitecturea built-in graphics processor such as 5-nanometer structures from TSMC. The c’t editors talk about this in episode 2022/20 of bit noise, the processor podcast: AMD Ryzen 7000 with Zen 4.

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