Weekend PC Games Quiz: How well do you know GTA?

DMA Design, now Rockstar North, began developing Grand Theft Auto in Scotland in 1995. Originally still under the name Race’n’Chase, the project was supposed to be a pure car racing game. It was clear that there will also be bank robberies in which you have to escape from the police. Obviously, the result looked different – maybe because the title was almost discontinued several times. It’s true that cars are a big part of the GTA series, but there’s also violence, drugs and crime in general.

As a player you could choose between several characters, how your own protagonist should look like. Although that made little difference to the playable character on screen. GTA has retained its charm over the years, but of course it looks prettier these days. This is mainly due to the platforms that are just a lot more powerful these days. Not least because of this, GTA 5 was ported several times and has now been released for a total of three generations of consoles.

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How well do you know Grand Theft Auto? Find out in the quiz!

It’s been a long time since a completely new part was released. This is partly due to the success of GTA: Online, the multiplayer of GTA 5, with which Studio Rockstar can record immense success. Unfortunately, only Rockstar knows exactly when a new part will be released, and the big leak to which Rockstar reacted last year and for which even the FBI was called in does not change that.

Whether you’ve been a fan since the beginning of the series or just joined over the years, GTA fascinates and excites at the same time. We have put together a quiz for you where you can prove how well you know the crime series and especially the first part.



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Tell us in the comments how many questions you answered correctly and what was your first GTA that you played yourself. What do you wish for GTA 6 and will you definitely play the new title or do you put a condition on it? And be sure to try our quiz from last weekend on the subject of gaming exotics! There are more quizzes about games, films, series, technology and more on the PC Games quiz page.

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