Well-being: Fight the cold with 2 tangerines a day

Winter came and the incidence of colds and respiratory tract infections increase; attacking, mainly, children and the elderly. Protecting our immune system is essential and there is nothing better than consuming foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, among which mandarins stand out for their delicious flavor, practicality and easy consumption.

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This is how Vive Mandarina, the largest community in Peru that promotes a healthy lifestyle, launches the #VuelvealoNatural campaign, inviting Peruvians to consume this delicious fruit that has a significant amount of vitamin C necessary to maintain health. and prevent diseases related to flu processes or common viruses. Its antioxidant power also acts to prevent degenerative diseases and best of all, it has almost no sugar, unlike all the packaged juices currently on the market.

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Experts indicate that at any stage of life we ​​can catch a cold if the defense system has not been able to combat any of the more than 200 types of viruses that can cause this problem. Process that, in addition, generates discomfort and can disturb the work performance of the adult or the performance of the school or the infant.


The amount of vitamin C in this small fruit can vary depending on its size or weight. A tangerine can weigh between 50 and 100 grams and due to its low calorie intake, it can be consumed two or three units a day to meet the needs of vitamin C in different age groups. It must be considered that the adult needs 75 mg in the case of women and 90 mg in the case of men, however, tobacco users have increased their needs for this vitamin up to 125mg.

Meeting vitamin C needs is easy and delicious, fruits are our main source. Of the fruits that are consumed during the day, at least one must be rich in vitamin C, among them the tangerine stands out. Vitamin C needs range from 15 mg per day from one year of age to 120 mg per day in lactating women.


Frequent consumption of this fruit at breakfast as part of the children’s lunch box, snack at the office or mid-morning snack, can contribute to the prevention and shorter duration of the common cold process. In addition, it prevents us from entering a nutritional deficiency and consequently health problems. Some signs or symptoms of deficiency are anemia, nose and gum bleeding, dry hair and skin, joint pain and swelling.

If you want more important information about this delicious fruit, follow the adventures of Vive Mandarina and the #VuelvealoNatural campaign on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Remember that that container does you harm, better is what is born!


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