Well-being Pension 2022: The payment will no longer be deposited on the card of this bank

Due to the change of cards, the Welfare Pension 2022 will stop depositing in the accounts of some banks, since according to the Ministry of Well-being it is sought that for the next year everybody beneficiaries receive support through the Wellness Bank.

In this sense, the dependency announced which will be the bank in which it will no longer deposit in payment from the month of december and in The Truth News We bring you the details, so take your precautions.

The first thing you should know is that although the change of payment cards will be gradual, this process has already begun in various states of the country, so a bank will no longer be useful for the beneficiaries.

In this bank they will no longer deposit the 2022 Welfare Pension

Well-being Pension: Is your card from this bank?  they will no longer deposit

The new cards are issued by Banco del Bienestar.

At the beginning of the program, pensioners were given a card issued by banks as Banco Azteca, Banorte, Banjercito and Citibanamexso it is these older adults who will be changing the plastic, along with those who still charge at the payment tables.

citibanamex It will be the first bank in which it will no longer be possible to make deposits corresponding to the pension for older adults in the State of Mexico, which is where the beneficiaries have already begun to receive the new Banco del Bienestar cards.

It should be noted that it will be each state that announces the dates and locations of the headquarters to make the change of the payment card. The day you have to go, it is important to bring the following documents: official identification (original and copy), the CURP, birth certificate, proof of address, a telephone number and proof of the procedure (this is done on the page of official).

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How to enroll in the 2022 Well-being Pension?

Well-being Pension: Is your card from this bank?  they will no longer deposit

Financial support is deposited bimonthly.

The requirements to register for the Welfare Pension 2022 They are: being 65 years old, birth certificate, CURP, valid official identification, proof of address and contact telephone number. The next period registered for the pension will start in December, and to find out the location of the nearest Well-being Modules, you can consult the page gob.mx/bienestar.

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