Wellness: What to do to maintain an active life?

Currently, human beings are becoming more comfortable and inactive due to the facilities provided by technological advances, in parallel, we experience higher levels of stress in the body and health problems as a result of physical inactivity. According to reports from the College of Nutritionists of Peru (CNP), the Peruvian population gained an average of 7.7 kilos in weight during the COVID-19 pandemic due to increased sedentary lifestyle and intake of high-calorie foods.

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‚ÄúThis inactivity takes its toll on our body, favoring the appearance of diseases and worsening our quality of life, as well as the health system, since many diseases could be combated simply by adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as good nutrition and regular activity. physical”he pointed Israel Tejeda, technical leader of Smart Fit Peru.

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Although there are different reasons why people lead a sedentary life, it is important to know how to identify them and propose adequate solutions to break down the barriers that prevent us from leading an active life and being able to start with them at the beginning can be somewhat tedious. Given this situation, the Smart Fit Peru specialist offers some recommendations to take the first step:

1. Stretch in the morning and at night

Practicing this type of activity when you wake up helps us to have our muscles prepared for all the actions of the day. In addition, stretching, in the long term, allows us to improve flexibility and increase the capacity for movement.

2. Go up and down stairs at a certain time of day

It not only tones the lower body of your body, since you activate all the muscles of your legs and buttocks. Likewise, it is the most accessible exercise that allows you to benefit your cardiorespiratory health and eliminate fat.

3. Take your dog for a long walk

Walking is the most recommended physical activity, as it is the safest and most affordable. People who walk their pets walk longer than those who don’t, and report feeling safer and more socially connected in their neighborhoods. Shoes and strap in hands!

4. Do activities you enjoy

Starting a new exercise habit is hard enough. Increase the chances of persevering by doing an activity you like. Also, you may be exercising more intensely without realizing it.


In that sense, Smart Fit will resume its totally free service, SmartTruck. This new format of outdoor sports classes has as its main objective, to transmit a high-energy, dynamic experience with the best music, motivating a large number of people to perform physical activity to improve their physical conditions, health and mind.

To participate in this free initiative that uses a walking sports truck, Smart Truck, you just have to go to the places that will be announced on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of Smart Fit, on the dates and times indicated, and attend with sportswear to be able to train and exercise in the best way.


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