Wendler’s Laura – He has little money, she has little …

Now Laura and Wendler are starting to save on the fabric again …

While it’s the controversial crooner Michael Wendler (50) goes downhill financially, he at least lives with his wife Laura Mueller (22) on the sunny side of life.

In their adopted home of Florida, the two are enjoying the summer weather on their boat – and Laura shows herself in a tight micro bikini on Instagram.

Investigations by the tax authority (IRS) and the immigration authority (USCICS) against Wendler and one million euros in debt in Germany to the tax office: Laura simply posts these problems away here!

Significant financial problems? In any case, they don’t let it spoil the fun of life in sunny Florida on Instagram

Photo: Source: lauramuellerofficial/Instagram

Finally, the nude shots are worthwhile for Laura, who likes to advertise her “OnlyFans” channel on Instagram.

On the payment platform, fans can buy even more concise pictures and videos of the influencer, even personalized content can be purchased from OnlyFans. That should play money into the Wendler cash register.

It was only announced in August: the Wendlers left their luxury villa in Punta Gorda. They finally rented a new, more modest place to live in northern Cape Coral.

And there Laura has to do without one or the other luxury that she was used to before: no pool and a smaller house in the middle of nowhere – but Laura likes to show more dazzling moments on Instagram.

More appearances than reality?

Mountain of debt or not: On Instagram, Laura and Wendler are in love as ever

Mountain of debt or not: On Instagram, Laura and Wendler are in love as ever

Photo: Source: lauramuellerofficial/Instagram

How does Wendler finance this luxury with a blatant mountain of debt? Maybe Laura needs to help her husband with the OnlyFans salary and her Instagram advertising income.

Even if there have been no major collaborations on Instagram for some time: from August 2019 to September 2020 alone, Laura is said to have earned a total of around 250,000 euros with advertising on social networks.

A subscription to OnlyFans costs around $35 a month. But there is not everything to see. Laura’s scam: In the last few weeks she has been promoting content that her fans should pay extra for. This can be done through so-called “tip” options or when users exchange personal chat messages with her.

So this body is worth GOLD for Wendler!

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