Were these paintings made by humans or robots? Take the test

Artificial intelligences to generate images are ubiquitous. It’s getting harder and harder to tell them apart.

Can we still tell the difference between a work made by a human and a work produced by an artificial intelligence? There are still details that allow to say that an AI is behind the creation of an image (we think of the small imperfections on the glasses, in particular for the portraits of Thispersondoesnotexist). But, it always becomes more complicated to differentiate them.

Which portrait was made by a human artist?  // Source: Editing Numerama / Midjourney / Dall E / Vic Harris
Which portrait was made by a human artist? // Source : Editing Numerama / Midjourney / Dall E / Vic Harris

Artificial intelligence, stronger than artists?

Image generation AIs are multiplying. Stable Diffusion, MidJourney or even Dall E have paved the way and are freely available to everyone, making computer art ever more common. They are also improving: in September 2022, a work made by MidJourney won an art contest normally intended for humanswithout anyone noticing.

Will distinguishing between an image designed by an artificial intelligence and another created by a human artist become impossible? We asked Albertine Meunier, an artist specializing in digital art, and Laurence Devillers, an artificial intelligence specialist and professor at Sorbonne University. They got caught up in the game — and trapped.

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We had a little fun with Dall-e

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