Werner did his thing and is in contention for the title

Werner did his thing and is in contention for the title

The celebration of Mariano Werner on the podium of the TC of San Luis / ACTC Press

Mariano Werner (Ford), current two-time champion, achieved an overwhelming victory, from end to end, in the final of the Road Tourism, played at the “Rosendo Hernández” Autodrome in the province of San Luis, venue of the eleventh date and first of the Gold Cup of the current season of the category.

The escort of the “Zorro de Paraná” turned out to be Juan Manuel Urcera (Torino); while Balcarceño Santiago Mangoni (Chevrolet) completed the podium by occupying third place in the race.

The first ten places in the San Luis TC were completed by Jonatan Castellano (Dodge), Esteban Gini (Torino), Juan Martín Trucco (Dodge), Juan Pablo Gianini (Ford), Leonel Pernía (Torino), Christian Ledesma (Chevrolet) and Emanuel Moriatis (Ford).

Werner took everything that was at stake in the “Rosendo Hernández” circuit of the San Luis province: pole position, won his series and dominated the final at will, clear circumstances that put him back in the fight for his third consecutive crown.

With the track conditions complicated by a constant drizzle, the man from Entre Ríos managed to lead his car masterfully. He took the lead, winning that position from Urcera and from then on he always maintained the leadership; although on lap 22, with the entry of the Safety Car -there was a neutralization-, but he was again able to dominate everything and stay in the lead until the final flag. He followed by Urcera and Mangoni who completed the San Luis podium.

A separate paragraph for Agustín Canapino. He started from far behind, due to a penalty in the series, then he had a problem with the windshield for which he had to enter the pit area, he came back and climbed positions from 42nd position and with the neutralization of the final part allowed him to climb to 20th place, which keeps him at the top of the Gold Cup.

The next day of the 2022 Tourism Road calendar, the twelfth of the regular stage and the second of the Gold Cup, will be held on October 9 at the General San Martín racetrack in Comodoro Rivadavia.

The next competition of the highest category of Argentine motorsports will take place on October 30, in San Nicolás. Later, on November 20, it will be run at the Toay de La Pampa circuit; while the TC will lower the curtain for this year on December 11, in San Juan Villicum.

Regarding the TC Track, the winner was Otto Fritzler (Ford), followed by Santiago Alvarez (Dodge) and Jeremías Olmedo (Ford).

The TC Pista Silver Cup is led by Otto Fritzler with 68.5 points, followed by Santiago Álvarez with 67.

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