What 100% online careers do Peruvians prefer to study?

By force, the pandemic demolished some myths associated with online education. Many teachers have experienced that quality is not associated with educational modality and is that one of the critical elements is the interaction and the technology mastery.

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“The programs are not improvised and must be designed to fulfill the purpose of the course or that virtual education is, as a whole or as a complement, the education of the future”, says Antonio Rodríguez-Campra, director of Virtual Education at the Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN).

The expert assures that the online careers most in demand by Peruvian students correspond to the areas of Law, Psychology, Business, and some Engineering such as Industrial and Systems.

In addition, the distance modality is attractive for students over 24 years of age, since most of them are working or have personal or family responsibilities.

“This group of people develops a very active schedule, so having classes with established schedules or that require travel is often difficult to comply with,” warned the specialist.

One of the advantages of studying online is the flexibility for the student to manage their time more freely, and can access classes from anywhere through an electronic device.

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These advantages are a complement to others related to the methodology, such as accessing a greater possibility of personalization, a high level of interaction or the development of skills such as autonomy or systemic-digital thinking; all of this without giving up university life activities, procedures and online services or the necessary accompaniment to achieve academic success.

It is essential that the digital learning model proposed by the institution promote the use of resources that are available to the teacher and that facilitate the correct development of the proposed methodologies.

Simulators and virtual laboratories, high-quality downloadable content, technical and academic support available, are elements that guarantee academic effectiveness. In addition, institutions must have software that allows access to content to people with functional diversity.

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits provided by distance learning and these are being used by universities around the world, such as UPN, to maximize the potential of their students and guarantee the development and employability of their students. students and graduates.


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