What about Dr. Stein and Dr. healer?

Since 1998, “In All Friendship” has been running in the first. Many of the actors have been there from the beginning – and have aged with their series. Will the broadcaster retire you now?

Already in its 25th season, “In All Friendship” is already telling stories from the Sachsenklinik. Of today’s stars of the ARD series are Thomas Rühmann (67) and Alexa Maria Surholt (54) from episode 1. In Episode 41 (1999) Andrea Kathrin Loewig (55) joined the team and “only” in 2006 Bernhard Bettermann (57). He now expressed himself in BUNTE magazine on the future of the series. He speaks of a rejuvenation of the series, which would also affect him personally. “The producers rightly have to think about how to keep the format modern and fresh. One possibility is new and younger roles and faces – without giving up the older core team,” he says. A “joint decision was made that my role would develop in a different direction in 2023. This gives me the opportunity to reposition myself when I’m almost in my late 50s, to take on other roles.”

Currently, Bettermann’s role, Dr. Martin Stein, head of the Sachsenklinik. In the previous season he suffered a tragic loss – his daughter Marie died during pregnancy. Stein takes care of his granddaughter or great-granddaughter with his father.

“In All Friendship” wants to attract a younger audience

It’s not unusual for series to “rejuvenate”. And not new to “In aller Freundlich” either: in 2015, for example, the ARD perennial favorite got it Ex-GZSZ star Jascha Rust in the cast. As Kris, he first did community service and is now a carer.

“Victim” of the realignment was Maren Gilzer (sister Yvonne), who said involuntary farewell: “I really enjoyed playing ‘Sister Yvonne’ and would have liked to remain ‘your’ sister in the future. But I’m not letting my head hang down: sometimes you need a little kick to break out of the security of a series…”

The exit also hit Jutta Kammann hard. She said to Bunte.de: “The ‘Saxony Clinic’ was my second home, my colleagues were my family. And then at dinner you are told succinctly: ‘Sorry, we want to rejuvenate'”. At the request of the fans, Kammann has now made individual appearances on “In aller Freundlich” again.

MDR statement

In connection with Bettermann’s statement, we asked the responsible broadcaster MDR. Here the statement:

“This series is always about finding a good balance and depicting the diversity of different life plans. Ultimately, our viewers, who have found their way into the series over time, remain loyal to it and grow older with it will.

That’s why we deliberately introduced many new characters in the past, which make the Sachsenklinik attractive to a younger audience as well. Such a long-running series lives through further development and modernization – on different levels. This also includes the further development of the characters, who discover new perspectives and sometimes move in surprising directions – the renovation of the studio, the camera work and dramaturgy are also part of it.”

Is this change necessary? The ratings speak a different language: on Tuesday (June 21), when the episode was broadcast on “Life and Death”, there was no program after 8:15 p.m with more viewers aged 14 to 49 than the ARD hospital series.

“In all friendship” runs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. in the first.

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