What are all the existing types of Pokémon?

Pokémon is an RPG franchise with complex battles that depend on the attribute systems, weather and type of each little monster on the field. All Pokémon and attacks in games have at least one type.

Currently, the franchise has 18 types, which are related by links of weakness and resistance. Water-type Pokémon are resistant to fire-type hits, but weak to electric-type hits. That’s why it’s good to know the typing system well before entering a franchising battle.

Check out all existing types of Pokémon:

  • Normal
  • Fire (fogo)
  • water
  • Grass (grama)
  • flying
  • Fighting
  • Poison (veneno)
  • Electric (electric)
  • Ground (terra)
  • rock (stone)
  • Psychic (psíquico)
  • ice (ice)
  • Bug (inseto)
  • Ghost (fantasma)
  • Steel (ferro)
  • dragon (dragon)
  • dark (dark)
  • Fairy (fada)

Most types were introduced during Generation I games. Pokémon Red, Blue e Yellow. The Dark and Steel types were introduced in Generation II, while the Fairy type was introduced in Generation VI as a good weapon against strong dragon Pokémon.

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Types also often serve narrative purposes in games. Most gym leaders and Pokémon League members are designed to present a single type on teams. Over time, players began to prepare to face Stone, Fire and other Gyms in the adventures.

Misty is the leader of the Water gym in the Kanto region (Image: Play/Pokémon Let’s GO/Nintendo)

Type combinations in Pokémon

A Pokémon can have more than one type. The initial Bulbasaur, for example, is of the grass and poison types. With the current system of 18 different types, there are 171 unique typing combinations. even the games Pokémon Sword & Shield, 154 combinations of different types were used in the games.

???: the forgotten type

Between generations II and IV, a provisional type, known as “???”, existed in Pokémon. THE “???” it is the only typing that has been removed from games in the main series.

This type existed to classify the attack “Curse”, which has different effects, depending on the Pokémon that executes it. The type was removed in Generation V and “Curse” became a phantom attack.

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