What are the best stealth video games? From Metal Gear Solid to Hitman

Sometimes the silent approach in the shadows can be the best weapon to use. THE stealth video games they are loved by a good slice of the public for their more methodical and reasoned play style than the classic action games that prefer direct confrontation with the enemy.

Although the genre no longer has the popularity it had achieved several years before, it is still possible to find some noteworthy exponents today. But what are the best stealth games ever made? Here is a list of five unmissable productions for all those who like to move in the shadows.

Dishonored 2

Follow-up to one of the most popular titles on PS3 e Xbox 360, Dishonored 2 it takes up the base of its predecessor and further perfects it, giving life to an engaging and satisfying stealth experience. The adventure of Corvo and Emily takes place in wide-ranging environments that offer an impressive multitude of different approaches to the goal, thanks to a level design studied to perfection: unforgettable in this sense the mission set in Mechanical Villa, probably the pinnacle reached by the signed series Arkane Studios.

Hitman 3

The last act of the “World of Assassination” saga represents the pinnacle of the new course of Hitman, the famous IO Interactive series starring the iconic Agent 47. Without making particular changes to the play formula already seen in previous episodes, Hitman 3 offers the player a number of approaches to missions, gadgets and content to leave speechless, for an adventure that thrills from start to finish. Surely one of the best exponents of the entire franchise, alongside classics such as Hitman 2: Silent Assassin e Hitman: Blood Money. And if you want to learn more, catch up on our Hitman 3 review.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

For many, the pinnacle of the legendary series of Hideo Kojima and, more generally, one of the greatest masterpieces seen on PS2 at the time of its original debut. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater tells the origins of the saga and takes players to explore a wild and dangerous world as Naked Snake. A playful sector with infinite possibilities, an exciting story and a memorable cast of characters are just some of the reasons why MGS3 is still an essential stealth for anyone who loves the genre.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

At the time considered the direct competitor of Metal Gear Solid, the series of Splinter Cell has been able to boast of this reputation thanks to the excellent quality of the productions Ubisoft, pure and well-articulated stealth seasoned with engaging political fictional plots. The highest point of the brand was reached with the third episode, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, which surprised fans with masterful level design and further perfected espionage mechanics compared to its already illustrious predecessors. For some time, however, traces of Sam Fisher: Confirmation on the development of a new Splinter Cell has rekindled the hopes of fans after years.

Thief: The Dark Project

In the years in which the stealth genre entered the preferences of the players thanks to the success of the first MGS, Thief: The Dark Project it was one of the best examples to consider. Set in a late medieval setting, the signed work Looking Glass Studios amazed fans with state-of-the-art level design, many different silent approach possibilities and sophisticated enemy AI. All elements that, mixed together, have given life to an exceptional product and still remembered today with great affection by all those who were lucky enough to experience it at the time of its first release in 1998.

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