What are the brands with a presence in La Plata that freeze prices until December?

The The Ministry of Commerce and the most emblematic clothing brands agreed to freeze the prices of clothing and footwear until December. Most of the firms that signed this commitment are sold in stores in La Plata.

Secretary of Commerce, Matias Tombolinitogether with representatives of the Argentine Industrial Chamber of Clothing (CIAI) and related companies signed this agreement in the Ministry of Economy by which the sector voluntarily commits to maintain until December 1 the prices of existing clothing as of September 5, 2022guaranteeing a reasonable supply to the market.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Economy, Serge Massa, and as indicated that these are measures that respond to stabilizing the situation in order to project the export competitiveness of companies, order in prices and macroeconomic stability.

Tombolini stressed that “this agreement gives us predictability to take care of the pockets of Argentines and that is why we celebrate the effort on the part of the industry” and pointed out: “We are going to work together to improve supply and so that the sector can export more ”.

In this framework, he also indicated that the Secretariat will continue to work with the sector to “program the flow of imports” with the aim that “it continues to be a sector that adds a lot of value.”

Meanwhile, the president of the Argentine Industrial Chamber of Clothing, Claudius Dreschernoted: “We take responsibility for this agreement to be fulfilled and we do it with conviction because, like any Argentine businessman, we want the country to move forward.” “We want this to be much bigger and work with textiles so that they join this table”he added.

This agreement includes the prices of more than 60 brands that will be available throughout the national territory in shopping malls, supermarkets, and brand-owned stores. In addition, it provides that as of December 1 and for a period of 180 days, prices will be adjusted in relation to the variation in the official exchange rate.

Likewise, this understanding provides mechanisms by the Ministry of Commerce to audit and verify compliance with it. In case of non-compliance, the Secretariat will proceed in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Defense Law and the Commercial Loyalty Regime.

The brands are part of the agreement 47 Street, Addnice, Adidas, Akiabara, Amphora, Awada, Ay not dead, Azzaro, Baby Cottons, Bensimon, Billabong, Bimba, Bolivia, Bowen, Carmela Achaval, Caro Cuore, Cheeky, Clara Ibarguren, Como tú, Cristóbal Colón, Cuesta Blanca, DC Shoes, Desiderata, Black Label, Furzai, Grimoldi, Grisino, Boer, Jasmine Chebar, Juanita Jo, Kosiuko, Herencia, La Martina, Lacoste, Las Pepas, Lázaro, Levis, Little Akiabara, Lola, Maria Cher, Markova, Midway, Mimo, Mishka, Naum, Nike, Old Bridge, Original Penguin, Paula Cahen D` Anvers, Perramus, Portsaid, Prune, Quiksilver, Rapsodia, Roxy, González Tailoring, Stance, System, Tascani, Taverniti, Uma, Vitamina, XL Extra Large, Yagmour and Zara.

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