What are the fastest selling PlayStation exclusives ever?

Kratos did not disappoint expectations this time either, becoming the protagonist, with God of War Ragnarokof a powerful launch that more than lived up to its high-sounding reputation.

On Wednesday 23 November Sony brought God of War Ragnarok to triumph, which was able to sell well 5.1 million copies in launch week alone (the five days between Wednesday 9 November and Sunday 13 November). With this performance, the Spartan thus scored both the best debut of the franchiseis the best launch ever for a PlayStation exclusive.

The enterprise acquires even more value when compared with the results achieved by the equally bombastic names that it has managed to beat. Before today, the scepter for the best launch in PlayStation history was in the hands of The Last of Us Part II, which had sold 4 million copies in just three days. Now, clearly, he’s dropped to second. Behind the two sit Marvel’s Spider-Man and the first chapter of the Norse saga of Kratos, God of War of 2018. Here is the Top 4 in detail:

  1. God of War Ragnarok (November 9, 2022 on PS4 and PS5) – 5.1 million in 5 days
  2. The Last of Us Part II (June 19, 2020 on PS4) – 4 million in 3 days
  3. Marvel’s Spider-Man (September 7, 2018 on PS4) – 3.3 million in 3 days
  4. God of War (April 20, 2018 on PS4) – 3.1 million in 3 days

How did Santa Monica Studio’s game convince so many gamers? Our Alessandro Bruni explains it to you in detail in the review of God of War Ragnarok.

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