What are the magical elements that we remember the most in the history of Dragon Ball?

dragon ball is a story in which martial arts, skill and power are the main focus of the adventures of Goku and the rest of the Z-Fighters.

However, during each of the arcs certain magical elements appear that help restore world and universal peace, if we move towards the stories of Dragon Ball Super.

That is why today we remember those elements that at the time were essential for the heroes created by Akira Toriyama out of a mess from which no escape was in sight.

Doing a review above we remember the most obvious issues. In them we find the same Dragon Balls, the flying cloud, the sacred staff that Goku used as a child and the always necessary seeds of the hermit.

But the reality is that there are a lot of magical objects that we are going to remember next.

Magic elements in Dragon Ball

Let’s start with Dragon balls that we all know. There are seven in total and when they are gathered, shenlong willing to fulfill one or three wishes, depending on the Namekian God and the planet where they were created.

The flying Cloud is another of the important magical elements. Goku used it a lot as a child, courtesy of Master Roshi; Later we found out that the one who keeps them in his temple is Master Karin. To climb you must be of pure heart and have good intentions, otherwise you will fall, as if it were a normal wind cloud in the sky.

The holy staff it was a very important magical weapon for Goku’s development as a fighter. It was used to dodge attacks, reach enemies and to hit. Before it was thought that it believed infinitely, but years later it became clear that it only reaches 384,400 kilometers.

What would become of our heroes without the hermit seeds? Some may say that there is no magic in them. But the translation in Spain mentions them as magical seeds, clearing up any debate about it. One of these grains heals any wound or blow, regardless of the damage. It is not able to heal diseases.

In a time when there were not so many audiovisual media there was a basic element to see the battles: the uranai baba crystal ball. This object is used to see the past, the future and to locate anything in the world.

The heavy clothes The ones that warriors train with are normal clothes like any other with a technique or spell that gives them enough weight for a fighter to train.

Well in the style of Arab culture, in Dragon Ball there is a magic carpet. The great Mr. Popo travels in this means of transport.

Water ultra holy and evil. In the Garlic Jr arc we learned of the existence of these two liquids that can turn you into a demon or break that same spell, depending on which one is used.

Then there are certain magical items that did not have as much weight in the story as Bibidi’s vessel to collect power, the pothala rings of the Supreme Kaioshin and the world tree, which only appears in a movie.

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