What are the massive controls on companies for the use of "inconsistent" of dollars

The objective is to impose specific control measures on companies where inconsistencies or inconsistencies are detected in the information provided.

In this way, the companies involved must justify what they did with the merchandise for which they invoked urgency to import with judicial endorsement.

From the Customs they specified that the legal framework includes as a sanction the elimination of the registration of foreign trade agents, and highlighted that “the agency’s action occurs after carrying out a systemic control with the objective of detecting inconsistencies.”

In addition, they pointed out that importers will be required to provide documentation related to the commercial operation, the transfers of ownership made, the details of currency transfers and the destination given to the merchandise, among other things.

Likewise, companies must present documentation related to the commercial operation, transfers of ownership made, details of currency transfers and destination given to the merchandise, and must explain if the product is in stock or if it was sold; and in the latter case, report the sales value in the domestic market and the commercial level of the participants.

The notification grants a period of ten days to respond with all the requested information.

Meanwhile, in case of non-compliance, “the misconduct will be considered incurs in the established figure and penalized by article 994 subsections a) and b) of the Customs Code”, they highlighted.

This is a rule that provides for warnings, suspension of up to two years and complete removal from the registry of importers and exporters.

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