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What are the most requested household items in summer? Here we tell you

During the summer many people take the opportunity to renovate their outdoor spaces or buy what they love so much to enjoy with the family. According to figures from Mercado Libre, Peruvian consumers usually invest approximately S/180.00 in household products, with furniture (32%), household items (19%), decoration (14%) and lighting (12%) being the most in demand. .

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During commercial campaigns, users usually take advantage of the offers to purchase all kinds of items to renovate or complement their home, increasing demand in the category by 20% compared to regular seasons. For this reason, at Mercado Libre, together with our more than 300 official stores, we want to dedicate a whole week to these products, offering the best discounts so that everyone can renovate their homes.” commented Andrés Laffaire, head of Marketing at Mercado Libre Peru.

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For this reason, this online shopping platform has announced the week of ‘Renew your home’ that will take place until January 29. Throughout this campaign, users will be able to find their favorite items at great discounts. What are the most requested items? Find out below:

Outdoor food. Normally, weekends represent an opportunity to get out of the routine and taste dishes with a different flavor. For example, a grill or a Chinese box will be a good option to try different flavors and make the most of meat combinations. In addition, it is essential to consider some aspects when purchasing any of these products such as space, capacity, mobility and quality components (stainless steel) to enjoy a lasting experience.

Sun protection. According to Weather Spark from January 3 to April 5, in Lima, the daily average maximum temperature will be more than 25 °C. It is advisable to avoid direct and permanent contact with the sun’s rays. An alternative is an awning or an umbrella to enjoy long talks with friends without having any worries. There are some important aspects that have to be considered to make a good purchase, such as the dimensions of the device, resistance to water and, mainly, to UV rays.

Comfort abroad. There are some relevant factors when purchasing a sofa set or a dining room, since it is furniture that will not be replaced quickly. Among the most important is comfort, resistance, composition, materials and guarantee. On the other hand, it is important to give a special touch to each environment. The aforementioned is achieved with decorative accessories such as cushion covers or rugs.

refreshing experience. One of the favorite activities for families in summer is enjoying the pool. For this reason, Buildable pools are an excellent recreational option to share unforgettable moments with family or friends. Features to consider when purchasing this product are dimensions, water capacity, flow control drain valve, and heavy duty frames.

Good deals in summer

It is important to highlight that all the mentioned products can be purchased by paying up to 12 interest-free installments with various credit cards and until January 29 they will be on the platform with great discounts. Finally, Mercado Libre shipments arrive within 24 hours for Metropolitan Lima and within 48 hours nationwide, and are free for purchases over S/ 79.00.


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