What are the possible bone diseases and how to prevent them

Dr Cormillot – Bones and calcium #Report

We have talked about the column and other similar parts. But this time we are going to explain a very important part of our body: the boneswhich are present in all our Body. In addition, we will point out their possible diseaseshow to prevent them and what role does the calcium.

As you can see in the video, we have a humerus bone that is in the arm and that is the one that is between the shoulder and the forearm, and it is also hard. Because bones are hard. But they are all equally hard? Depends.

The bone is a structurethat if it is possible to make a cross-section and they come closer, they will see that it is a porous structurewhich is in permanent remodeling. In other words, there is a part, which are the osteoclasts, which are like cells that come and eat the bone. And then come the osteoblasts, which are cells that replenish and repair the bone.

When a person has osteopenia, the pores present within the bones become enlarged. When it comes to osteoporosis, the holes are very big / (iStock)

But how do you change the bone structure as the years go by? One “makes” bone until the age of 20, more or less, and then it remains until the age of 35, 40, and from then on, it begins to be lost. More in women than in men.

For keep the bone it is necessary to spend moments Sunfor vitamin D. In addition, it is necessary to ingest calcium somehow and move. Those are the three constituent and important elements of our bone structure and how to maintain it.

In some cases, what is called osteopenia. This porosity, which would be the equivalent of the pores that it has a sponge, it is small; but you can go enlarging. And, in some cases, you get to the osteoporosiswhich is, continuing with the sponge example, when holes who has the bone are very big.

To maintain the bone it is necessary to spend moments in the Sun, ingest calcium and move / (Getty Images)
To maintain the bone it is necessary to spend moments in the Sun, ingest calcium and move / (Getty Images)

To talk about calcium consumption, if you do not consume it, it will be another time. Today, I wanted to talk to you about the amount of calcium that dairy can provide.

In the case of Boyswith the lactation reaches during the first six or 12 months. But later, when one is boynecessary at least three servings per day. Up to, inclusive, up to cfour servings per dayIt always depends on the ages.

What is a serving? A ration is a piece of cheese, such as a 50 gram portion of cheeseor a glass of milk or a glass of modified milk, which is yogurt. With these three it covers for an average adult person, but many have to reach four.

Remember, the cow does not give us milk. To have milk you have to get up at 4 in the morning, you have to go to the barn, get a little upset, tie its tail, the dairymen told me, sit down and milk it. In short: the cow does not give milk, you have to get it out.

*Dr. Alberto Cormillot (MN 24,518) is a renowned Argentine doctor specializing in obesity, health educator, writer and lecturer. He founded and directs the Nutrition and Health Clinic that bears his name, the Diet Club, the ALCO Foundation (Anonymous Fighters Against Obesity) and the Argentine Institute of Nutrition, from where he advises industries on the production of dietary products. and healthy.

* Realization: Gastón Taylor and Alejandro Beltrame / Edition: Facundo Madero / Production: Dolores Ferrer Novotný


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