What are the pros and cons of a VPN?

As we hear more and more about VPNs, a question arises: what are the advantages and disadvantages? Don’t panic, we tell you everything below.


The VPN has become an essential tool today on the Internet. Very useful, it allows you to go through a secure server that encrypts your data when you browse the Internet. Anonymity, security, international uses, etc. The benefits of a VPN are numerous.

The pros and cons of a VPN

First, a VPN protects you from online spying and gives you total anonymity by hiding your traffic from your ISP and changing your IP address. You can surf the web in complete privacy.

With a VPN, you can also bypass geoblocks on the Internet and enjoy, for example, the catalogs of streaming platforms without geographical restrictions. Want to watch the latest Marvel movie? No problem. With your VPN, go through a US server and go to the Disney+ application, the catalog of which is much richer in the USA than in France.

Another advantage of a VPN: ease of use. How a VPN works may seem difficult to understand for some, but don’t panic. Anyone can use one. Most offers offer a very simple application on which you just have to connect and choose a server in a country of the world.

Finally, depending on the VPN chosen, you can also enjoy optimal security when browsing the web. Many VPNs offer services like malware protection, password manager, secure cloud, and more. The VPN thus helps you to protect your data.

On the downside, it is more difficult to make a clear list. It all depends on the offer chosen. Some VPNs, for example, can be very expensive. Others can slow down your internet connection due to unstable servers. But good news: we have found an offer that will allow you to avoid these disadvantages and above all to enjoy the advantages!

The NordVPN offer at -68% with 3 months free for Black Friday

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  • An ad and tracker blocker
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  • A password manager
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  • A data breach scanner

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