What are the three most repeated surnames in Argentina

In Argentina, there are “only” 348,288 different surnames, according to a report by the National Population Directorate (DNP), which also determined that Gonzalez, Rodriguez and Gomez are the three most recurrent nationwide.

The office of the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), which depends on the Ministry of the Interior, carried out an analysis that it called “Geographical distribution of surnames in Argentina”on the spatial distribution of the surnames of the current population of Argentina.

There, it is pointed out that, although 79 percent of the population identifies with family names carried by 500 or more people, these represent only 2 percent of all surnames in the entire national territory.

And that most surnames (69.9%) are carried by between 2 and 99 people (representing 9.43% of the population); while 73,363 surnames (20.5%) have a single representative (0.15% of the population).

What are the three most repeated surnames in Argentina

The three most frequent surnames in our country (González, Rodríguez and Gómez) are followed by Fernandez and Lopez, with more than 1% of the population each nationally; and then the surnames Martínez, Díaz, Pérez, Sánchez and Romero, with figures of less than 1%. These 10 surnames -all of Spanish descent- represent 10.4% of the national population.

Along the same lines, in another of its sections the report states that, in 50% of the jurisdictions, the most frequent surname (González) coincides with the most common nationwide.

At the same time, taking into account the ranking in question, the absence of family names of Italian origin is striking, since this immigration contributed 2 million people between 1881 and 1914.

In order to investigate possible processes of population mobility in the different provinces, this report also analyzes in each district, on the one hand, the percentage of the population with unique surnames; and on the other, the population covered by the seven most frequent surnames.

From the analysis within the country, it emerges that Santiago del Estero is the jurisdiction with the highest percentage of people who share their last name: in this province, eight out of 10 people from Santiago have a family name carried by 500 or more people.

In turn, the provinces with the highest repetition of surnames in their population correspond to the Northwest and Northeast regions of the country, which could indicate the existence of larger families, as well as less frequent population movements.

This behavior is consistent with the significant fertility rates that these jurisdictions reflected during the last two decades.

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Patagonia, together with La Pampa, San Luis and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, are the ones with the highest percentages of unique surnames or with less than 10 bearers, which may reflect the existence of more recent migratory processes or greater population movement.

Of them, Tierra del Fuego is the one that registers maximum values ​​in both categories. In this case, the behavior of these provinces is consistent with the low fertility rates registered in most of them during the last 20 years.

Focusing on the interior of the provinces, in some of them family names different from the ranking displayed at the national level predominate, namely: in Catamarca the preponderant surname is Carrizo; while in San Juan it is Castro; Mamani in Jujuy; and Lucero in San Luis.

What are the three most repeated surnames in Argentina

The report also exposes, and by jurisdiction, the percentages of the most frequent surnames of people not born in Argentina. On this point, he points out that 62% of immigrant surnames coincide with the ranking of the most frequent surnames in the country, which shows that, although foreigners add their heritage to the cultural diversity of Argentina, they do not necessarily contribute surnames.

When analyzing the surnames of immigrants, it appears that the majority of non-natives with the surname González were born in Paraguay (the most frequent surname, among non-natives, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Chaco, Corrientes , Formosa, Misiones and Santa Fe); while those surnamed as Flores or Mamani did so in Bolivia (more frequent, among non-natives, in Catamarca, Salta, Jujuy, La Rioja, Mendoza and Tucumán).

Likewise, in most of the provinces of Patagonia it is observed that, among people not born in Argentina, the most frequent surnames are González and Vargas, and they point to Chile as the country of birth.

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