What can parents do in the face of their children’s rapid sexual awakening?

Definitely, times have changed, and our children are more awake and curious to experience new things; therefore, it is important for parents to talk with their children and gain their trust, so that they can tell them their doubts and the things they experience along the way, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

We know that parents have to work and are away from home for many hours, but we must take advantage of the time they are with their children to talk, ask them how they have been, get to know their concerns, their fears, their desires and their friends. The boys who do not have their parents by their side will seek refuge in someone who may not be good for them.

We talked with Dr. Jhonatha Seminario, Clinical Psychologist of the Santa Martha del Sur clinic, who guides us on this topic:

At what age of adolescence do young people awaken their sexual interest?

Normally, young people begin to be interested in sexuality issues from the age of 11 or 12 and it is due to the appearance of physiological or hormonal changes and the first psychological changes that appear in puberty. It usually starts with the “taste” for boys or girls and the first crushes.

Why are more adolescents interested in this topic or are they already with a partner?

Nowadays, young people have more information available through the Internet, television, friends and that usually arouses curiosity about couple, sexual and/or emotional issues (falling in love). In the last decade, there has been a greater openness and freedom to talk about issues of sexuality, seeing it as an opportunity to educate young people on these issues.

Supporting adolescents to manage their behaviors, impulses and giving love correctly is the job of parents, who must also have an adequate openness to be able to properly guide their children and in complex cases or where the parent believes that it is difficult to face an issue, it will be a good help to go to a specialist.

What are the risks of young people having a partner at such an early age?

It is important that young people receive adequate sexual and emotional orientation, to prevent the risks of unwanted pregnancies at an early age, in couples who are not yet ready to assume the responsibility of caring for a baby. In addition, when they do not feel heard, they may rush to leave home and move in with their partner, in order to find the understanding and trust that they do not have at home.

These situations in turn unleash other problems such as abandonment of studies, academic neglect and a permanent estrangement from the family. Therefore, it is important to guide young people on how to deal with a crush in a healthy way and provide them with tools that allow them to manage the stages of life, including a breakup or heartbreak.

How should parents act in this situation?

Parents have to talk to their children, the first thing is communication, which is important regardless of their age to build trust and mutual respect. Parents must be attentive to the changes that their children have and their behaviors, the objective is to be there to help them when they need us most.

Emotional support, guidance, and good advice will be invaluable at this stage; as well as giving them confidence, managing a cordial relationship of respect and communication, which allows parents to guide their children so that they know how to handle sexuality, it is important to speak without taboos so that young people are aware that they are issues of life and what better way to deal with them with their parents or relatives with whom the adolescent lives.

How to avoid unwanted pregnancies?

One way to be able to prevent our children from an unwanted pregnancy is to talk about these issues, leaving taboos aside, giving confidence to young people so that they know how to take care of themselves or how to postpone the start of their sexual life, always thinking of your goals and achievements in life as a priority.

At this stage, the support of psychologists for emotional guidance and a medical professional is important to teach them how to use a condom, how to use protection methods to avoid pregnancy and prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, among others.

What is the role of parents?

The role of parents must be informative, listening, communicating and respectful, this will gradually make young people aware that their parents are not their enemies, but rather allies in their development as human beings.

The role of parents is basically to be able to guide their children, listen to them, support them, give them information, prevent them and take care of them, in addition to helping their children to mature in that sense, so that they are aware of their sexual responsibility and the consequences of their actions. acts.

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