What did the producer of “Show Queens” say after Allison Pastor’s resignation?

Armando Tafur, producer of “Reinas del Show”, explained why he didn’t let Allison Pastor quit reality show a few weeks ago, when she stated that she was forbidden to make hairstyle changes during her show for “Not to be known.”

Let’s remember that last Saturday Erick Elera’s wife announced that she did not want to continue participating in the program after a tense exchange of words with Gisela Valcárcel once again expressing his discomfort with the production of the reality show.

When she left the America Television studios in Pachacamac, she was approached by journalists and one of them asked her: “Giving up almost to the final, is that okay? Isn’t it throwing in the towel? ”, To which the young woman replied: “No, no, (it’s not throwing in the towel). I am leaving happy and happy because I did things well ”.

Producer of 'Queens of the Show'
Producer of ‘Queens of the Show’

“Gisela asked you why the time you wanted to quit, you didn’t leave”, questioned another of the press men who surrounded her, to which Pastor stated: “Ask Armando (Tafur), he knows, I have to go, bye.”

That is why, this Monday morning, Armando Tafur, who is also a producer of “America Hoy”, spoke about the controversy, because he was questioned about it live by the magazine’s hosts.

“She says like she was forced, that’s what I feel when she says: ‘I wanted to quit’ … Was there no pressure? Didn’t you push her? Didn’t you tell Allison to go on? Why did he continue, why did he come back? “, Ethel Pozo consulted him.

Giving a voice to the producer, who preferred to stay behind the scenes, the daughter of the ‘Señorío’ indicated: “(Armando) says that obviously his job is to try to encourage and convince (the participants who want to leave) to continue.”

Meanwhile, Melissa Paredes intervened to add: “Besides, our producer tells us that he was not going to lose a great participant, that he was building a story, who was also a favorite, and that we already saw her in the final about to lift the crown ”.

Statements by Allison Pastor
Statements by Allison Pastor

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