What do you do when you can’t sleep according to your zodiac sign?

Horoscope. Astrology has to do with our personality and behavior, and it also influences how we react when we cannot fall asleep. Here’s what to do when you can’t fall asleep, based on your zodiac sign.

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When he can’t sleep, he kicks in by exercising, watching his favorite video game, or tidying up his things in his room. Try to expend all your energy.


Look for a movie on Netflix or YouTube, preferably suspense or horror because those make you release adrenaline. Another option is to start a marathon with a series.


He immediately gets in touch with other people who also suffer from insomnia: hey, are you awake? Tell me something! They talk for long hours.

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He listens to music, reads a book, or watches a romantic movie. If this doesn’t work, just turn everything off and try to fall asleep staring at the ceiling.


Some beauty treatment is applied to enhance its natural charm. But most likely you will annoy your friends by sending them messages on the WhatsApp.


Clean the house. This is very common in Virgos because they love order and take advantage of time. If that’s not enough, do stretches to relax your body.


When she can’t get to sleep, she chooses her clothes and accessories for the week. Ufff … What a work it takes to decide. When he gets tired, he goes to the kitchen in search of food.


Explore the seediest corners of the city … through Google Maps. If he gets bored, he starts looking for the strangest animals in the world or the reason for certain things.


He goes to the kitchen to prepare an infusion, sits down to drink it in the living room, thinks for a moment about the things he would like to do in his life and then returns to his room.


Take advantage of that time to finish any pending work. If not, go to the reading and accompany this evening with your favorite juice.


If you can’t sleep, fill that time with an artistic activity like: painting, composing music, or drawing. And, if the inspiration does not arrive, check their social networks.


He recounts everything he did during the day and organizes himself for the next day. This generates a mental fatigue that ends up leaving him in the arms of Morpheus.


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