“What for heaven’s sake”: Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi publicly tear each other apart

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Of: Claire Weiss

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi are raising their son Alessio together. In the media, the two always present themselves as friends. But now Alessio’s new hairstyle is causing a public dispute.

Cologne – Sarah Engels (29) and Pietro Lombardi (30) were once the DSDS dream couple. In the eighth season of the talent show, the two were in the final together. They later shared their love and life with their fans on the reality shows Sarah & Pietro Build a House and Sarah and Pietro Have Their Baby. But only about a year after their son Alessio (7) was born, the couple separated.

Outwardly, Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels present themselves as friends

Meanwhile, Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi are friends. As is well known, the motto was always “The main thing is that Alessio is fine”! The two got together for their son and in public they only ever spoke good things about each other. Until now.

On September 18, 2022, Pietro Lombardi shared a photo with his pregnant girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa (26) on Instagram. Alessio can also be seen in the picture. He lovingly puts his hands around the mother-to-be’s stomach. The couple proudly announced the gender of their unborn baby: “It’sa boy!”

Alessio’s hairstyle causes a public dispute between Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi

Actually no reason to get excited – if it wasn’t for Alessio’s hair! Because it’s hard to miss that the seven-year-old is sporting a new hairstyle. A blond colored Iroquois now adorns his head. However, he does not seem to have discussed the type change with Mama Sarah.

Alessio’s hairstyle sparks a mega argument between Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels. © IMAGO / Future Image & IMAGO / Panama Pictures

“Congratulations. But what on earth happened to my son’s hair?” asks the singer indignantly. Instead of writing a message to her ex privately, she comments publicly under the picture. And that’s exactly what annoys Pietro Lombardi: “Sometimes a congratulation is enough. You can also tell me the other privately. But I like it and so does the little one.”

Sarah Engels does not give up

But Sarah Engels doesn’t let that sit easily. She writes: “I don’t think it’s right to dye your hair at that age.” She also reveals: “I had already written you the ‘Congratulations’ privately, but you wanted me to write it publicly under that Comment on the picture.” However, Sarah Engels seems to have understood. She has since deleted her comments.

Isn’t there peace between Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi that they show to the outside world? Something else could complicate the relationship a lot. Sarah Engels is thinking about emigrating to Switzerland – including Alessio. Sources used: rtl.de, watson.de, gala.de, Instagram/Pietro Lombardi

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