What Guillermina Valdés said about Marcelo Tinelli days before the separation

The businesswoman had talked about her relationship with the driver, days before confirming the unexpected break

Beginnings of May Guillermina Valdes had a close hand-in-hand with teleshow, where he went through all the edges of his life and made some confessions about his family life. A few days later the news of his separation of Marcelo Tinelli, after nine years of love. In this sense, close sources assured this medium that they made the decision in good terms and prioritized the well-being of their relationship as Lawrence’s parents, eight years old. In retrospect to the announcement of the breakup, the last statements of the businesswoman during the interview they state how they lived the last year as a couple.

In dialogue with the journalist Sebastián Soldano, Guillermina did not evade any topic. It should be noted that the talk took place ten days ago, and the question about the love field was one of the reflective moments of the talk. Taking into account that during 2021 she was part of the jury of The academy from ShowMatch, when responding, put in the balance the time shared both at work and personally. “It was a very special year because he was with many things, he was with football, with the return after the pandemic in his programbut for him it was special in a good way, because he realized a lot of things, what he wanted and what he didn’t want”, he stated seriously.

On the present and the plans for a television return different from the previous format, Valdes reflected: “He is working hard on everything that is artistic, on issues that he is reconnecting with what is not so much his character as a host, but the entertainment with his production company, with the contents and is very happy with it; I see him very enthusiastic, defining his place”. In this sense, he made reference to the challenges that Marcelo took on last year, and welcomed the fact that he began to prioritize his feelings regarding the future.

Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés had started their relationship in 2012
Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés had started their relationship in 2012

“For him it was being in football, being in this, being with many things, and this year he is already like saying: ‘Well, let’s see, I want this, I want to put energy here, work here.’ So I see that he did very well last year, especially to understand where he wants to be today”, he highlighted. He also spoke in depth about the dynamics of his conversations after the quarantine: “We talk a lot during all this time because we are very attentive to what happens to us, We super respect each other in what we think about the other. We always approach it from this point of view: ‘I see this, it seems like this to me, but look at it…’, I never try to get the other to do what one feels they should do”.

“It was a year of great transformation. He learned, and that is always good, because when you learn there is never a negative balance“, complete. It should be remembered that Guillermina acknowledged that they went through a brief separation during the coronavirus pandemic, and then they had decided to bet on love again. However, a few months later they chose to go their separate ways. Regarding her sentimental life, the businesswoman had highlighted that her experiences left her with a concrete lesson: “The years have taught me not deposit so much in the other. This demand thing drives me crazy and I wouldn’t feel comfortable having to ask my partner to do something or be something to be well; as well as, looking in the other that which I lack because It would be a waste of time and not take charge of what I have to work on with myself.”.

"We chat a lot and we respect each other when we express what we think about the other"Guillermina Valdes had said days before confirming the separation (Cristian Gastón Taylor)
“We talk a lot and we respect each other when we say what we think about each other,” Guillermina Valdes had said days before confirming the separation (Cristian Gastón Taylor)

Determined to cultivate “self-healing”, in the talk she explained that she tried to make some changes on a personal level. Facing so many looks, she confessed that she sometimes felt that she had to give proof of her abilities. “Not anymore. Today I only give them to the employees of my company, so that we all do well, committed to what I choose and, basically, to myself, “she said. “I am ambitious, yes, but of transformation; of the possibility of creating, of generating another quality to things, to me today, to my people, to my work, because this is my story and everything that came in each instance was to learn, ”she said.

There is always a new Guillermina. How is she today? More present. More connected. More responsive. With more doubts than certainties about who I am, why I came here, where I am going and where I want to be. And it’s good to be full of questions”, he sentenced. She even remembered a painful moment of her existence, which she had not made public until then. “I would have been 27 or 28 years old when talking to my grandmother, she told me: ‘You were so jealous that we couldn’t pick up your little brother’. ‘Sister, grandmother… I have a sister (Lucía),’ I replied. ´Ah… Didn´t you know…?!´, she reacted. She had escaped him and that’s how I found out, “she said. “Facundo was a baby, he lived for four months and died of sudden death next to me, when I was two years old”, revealed moved.

“Mom doesn’t talk about it and I respect her. My sky, my soul, my sun… must have suffered so much”, he expressed. “No one ever talked about it and there was never a photo, nothing. It was at that age that I began to name it and I said: ‘Oh, there was the one I felt!’ Because I felt it. I felt that there was a man, an energy, something… I had no memory but such a traumatic situation was covered up … ”, she acknowledged broken. “I think that when one is living life and death, and that line is perceived as finite, because it is finite… I I said: ‘Oh, why did I stay and he left?’. That meant for me a enormous responsibility. So, I look at myself at 20, and I say: ‘How devitalized I was…! Why so little desire to choose, to do things?!’. But I see that today. If you ask me back then: ‘Che, Guille, at 20 were you unhappy?’ And… At 20 I told you that I was very well, ”she recalled about the growth she experienced.


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