What happened to Sheyla Rojas and Patricio Parodi? Know the history of their relationship and why they ended

Patricio Parodi and Sheyla Rojas were one of the most mediatic couples in recent years. Their relationship began in ‘Esto es Guerra’. Next, we tell you how their relationship began and why they ended.

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In 2015, “Pato” Parodi confirmed live, during a game of the EEG program, that he was out with the blonde. “I’m dating Sheyla Rojas and I’m proud of it,” he said. The couple had an age difference of 6 years.

For her part, the ex-host of “Estas en Todos” also expressed her love during the reality show.”There is a special person, who is willing to put his chest up for you. He came at a time when I needed him the most (…) I am showing him how much I love him and that I am in love with him ”he stated.

After that, Shey Shey and “Pato” appeared together on social networks and did not hesitate to express their love. In addition, his colleagues and hosts of the program were happy for the confirmation.

Why did Sheyla Rojas and Patricio Parodi end up?

In 2017, after going back and forth, the model and the reality boy ended after two years of relationship, the news saddened his followers. Patricio Parodi gave an interview to “Reventonazo de la Chola” and confirmed that his love story did not end badly.

“It’s not that we ended in a bad way. we have finished well, we are friends. If they see us drinking coffee, it’s normal “he indicated.

In those years, dialogue with Trome, Sheyla Rojas assured that the person who is with her must accompany her in her projects.

“You have to be with the person who accompanies you in your projects, who shares your dreams and accompanies you on that adventure. That is important”he said at the time.


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