What if Moron calls you? TyC Sports journalist reveals offer from Colo Colo to Arturo Vidal that was rejected

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The transfer window in Colo Colo has not been as expected. Drop in reinforcements and delays in finding players have been the trend in these weeks, an issue that has Gustavo Quinteros and the fans concerned.

© Agency OneThey assure that Colo Colo makes an offer to Arturo Vidal

Colo Colo continues without reinforcements for the second semester. The transfer market in this window has been complicated for a Cacique who sees how his main cards could not arrive or preferred other destinations. This situation has Gustavo Quinteros quite concerned, who requested the arrival of 3 incorporations and sees how his time to sign is running out.

The debut in the Copa Sudamericana is just around the corner and this competition has a special deadline to register players. Just three days before the end of that period, the Cacique has not been even close to clasping a new figure in his squad.

Ramiro González and Martín Rodríguez are part of the players who have said no to Popular. However, there is another name that gave the denial of him. And it was not just any name, since according to reports Rodolfo “Gringo” Cingolani, a journalist from TyC SportsColo Colo would have offered a two-year contract to Arturo Vidal. However, the King chose to reject it, because he is looking for a larger project.

In the words of the same professional, Vidal is interested in a contract of, minimum, three years to be able to analyze the offers, so it was King Arturo himself, who asked Boca Juniors for an agreement for such an extension of time.

In this way, the future of Arturo Vidal is still up in the air, with Flamengo and the Argentine club being the great options that the two-time champion of America has to return to South American football. While, Colo Colo is still looking for his reinforcements for the second semester.

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