What is Funexpo, the funeral services fair

On September 8 and 9, Carlos Paz held the “Congress Funeral Exhibition and Training”which brought together all the businessmen and parties involved in funeral services, wakes and burials.

“In reality, what was done, precisely because of a reunion after the pandemic, was a mini expo with speakers, exhibitors, talks, exchanges. Many things, in turn the reunion between many colleagues,” he commented. Marcelo Furlottipresident of the Association of Funeral Services Companies of Santa Fe.

The event is held every two years in different parts of the country, nationwide. Each association, each region, is doing training talks, exhibitions with their suppliers, in smaller size by the movement of each entrepreneur.

This time, it was something a little smaller. “Before it ends, they already gave him a new date for the real funexpo 2023through a survey made to all the attendees, they asked a possible orientation to carry it out next year”, explained the interviewee to chain OH!

At the exhibition, companies not only exhibit their productssuch as coffins, chests, urns and hearses, but also the event includes various types of training.

“For example, there are the coffins that we call themed, they have particular inscriptions, paintings of soccer teams, certain religious stamps, that is, not going to traditional painting but rather with different figures or themes. Also in the inner part of the coffin, with paintings made of landscapes, for example. It is decorated according to the tastes of each person.

But the activity also included the participation of psychologists and specialists to discuss how to advance funeral services after the pandemic. In these two years, there was a certain impasse, but concrete changes crystallized, such as the advancement of cremation and the reduction of the time of wakes.

“One of the speakers, who was a psychologist, made a pan where she showed how she worked with funeral company personnel before the pandemic and how she has to do it now. To us as businessmen, and to the staff, We have also had to prepare to sustain the pandemic and the post-pandemic. Work methodologies have changed, we must understand what society requires. Depending on what type of death the person had, it requires other types of wakes and confinements; we are people and we have to know these things”, he said finally.

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