What is going on there? Schlager dream couple yells at each other in public – “Kissed the guy in front of my eyes”

Fortunately only acting: Marina Marx and Karsten Walter argue.

© Screenshots Karsten Walter at TikTok

Uff, what’s going on? The new Schlager dream couple suddenly yells at each other on social media. But the resolution is reassuring.

Berlin – Marina Marx (31) and Karsten Walter (28) are usually one heart and one soul. And THE new dream couple in the hit scene. They kept their love a secret for a long time. Until there was the great public confession. “It’s nice that we no longer have to hide,” Marx said a few weeks ago to Florian Silbereisen. The two have long been living their love in public, with kisses and turtling on the Schlager stage. In the meantime, Marx and Walter are even engaged.

Fans should have swallowed all the more when looking at Walter’s Instagram and TikTok accounts: The two of them yell at each other in public! According to! And hysterical! What is going on there?

Schlager dream couple Marina Marx and Karsten Walter: The anger dialogue in full

Walter: What’s the shit, why are you doing it?
Marx: What do you care, huh? You had something with her.
Walter: No no no, you twist everything. You kissed that guy right in front of my eyes. You know that I would never betray you in my life.
Marx: Were you with her earlier? Were you gone with her all evening?
Walter: Yeah. I wanted to ask her to forgive me.
Marx: Why?
Walter: Because I’m trying to become a better person. To you! I try to do that all the time. Tell me what else to do to make you believe that I love you. Tell me. You will never trust me
Marx: Trust you? You want me to trust you Where has this got me so far?
Walter: You will never forgive me, will you? You will always start from it. Again and again.
Marx: Because I don’t trust you.

Schlager dream couple Marina Marx and Karsten Walter: Fortunately, it was just an act

Uff. The resolution is hidden in a very small display at the beginning of the 51-second TikTok clip and in the hashtags. “Toxic relationships be like …” and “acting” can be read there. So the two of them just acted out everything. In Walter’s Instagram story, only a shortened version can be seen – and even less explanation.

Most people notice immediately that everything is not real, but not everyone recognizes the reference at the same time. “Which film is that?” A TikTok fan wants to know. And gets “After Truth” as an answer. In the opinion of the fans, the two Schlager stars are also at a high level in terms of acting. “Mega played”, “Wooow done mega”, “Wow awesome” and “Wow I’ll buy this from you”, they write. Others find it a bit exaggerated. In any case, reassuring: it’s just a game. Marina Marx recently celebrated with her friends in an Irish pub in Ulm. (lin)

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