What is Google Files?

What is Google Files?

Google Files is the company’s file manager for Android. The tool is a great ally for locating saved media documents and freeing up storage space on the device.

The app was originally released under the name of Files Go in 2017 to fill a big Android gap: there was no Google file explorer with a simplified interface and it was necessary to resort to third-party apps for this function. In 2018, the tool changed its name to Google Files and in 2021 it surpassed the 1 billion download mark on the Play Store.

What are the main functions of Google Files?

The app has three main tabs: Free Up Space, Browse, and Share. Briefly, Files identifies and catalogs all files saved in Android’s memory, with options to delete unwanted content and share documents quickly with other devices.

In the “Browse” tab, you can find files separated by media formats, such as photos, videos, audios and apps. In addition to finding the complete list of items, the app informs you of the amount of space occupied and allows you to filter for the heaviest options.

You know that file you can’t find at all? Files makes searching easier. Everything is split between folders, with options to rename, delete, and back up to Drive.

As the name already suggests, the Free Up Space function offers tips and suggestions to clear the device’s memory. Some recommendations may include duplicate material, infrequently used apps, content that is too large, or images and videos backed up to Google Photos.

The Share tab includes the function to send and receive files by proximity. For this, both Android devices need to be updated with the latest version. Files even has a feature to store documents in a secure folder and its own recycle bin.

Where is Google Files?

Despite being developed by Google, Files is not yet available as a native Android application, that is, it does not come pre-installed in the device’s factory settings. To use it, you need to download it from the Play Store (Android) and grant the app access to your files.

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