What is happening to the world stock exchanges?

The stock exchanges are still negative today and prices continue to fall and investors are selling stocks and equity assets. Why are the markets collapsing? For several months we have seen some rebounds of a few weeks, but the direction continues to be bearish. What is happening to the world stock exchanges and when could they rise?

The reasons that continue to cause nervousness are linked to the fear of a new surge in inflation and therefore to further increases in interest rates.

In such a context, the alternation of an economic recession would become very probable. This scenario leads those who want to invest their money to prefer more security or to keep liquidity in their current account.

How to invest from now on

The short and medium to long term trend is bearish and until certain resistance levels are breached, the odds are for further falls.

The levels to be monitored at the end of this month are as follows:

Dax Future


Eurostoxx Future


Ftse Mib Future


S&P 500 Index


Failure to close above these levels could have the following price areas as targets to be achieved during the month of October:

Dax Future


Eurostoxx Future


Ftse Mib Future


S&P 500 Index


Short term trading and investing advice for international markets

At 8:24 pm on the trading day of 16 September, the equity indices are at the following levels:

Dax Future


Eurostoxx Future


Ftse Mib Future


S&P 500 Index


If something does not change in the next trading days, we could see further declines over the next week. Attention, however, as we will see in the following paragraphs, there are bullish divergences on the proprietary oscillators, which could lead to a reversal of the situation as early as next Monday.

What is happening to the world stock exchanges and what direction they could take

In red, the forecast on the world stock index on a weekly scale for 2022.

In blue, what happened until September 16th.

This is an important moment because the bullish forecast for the next few months will have to be confirmed or denied.

Buying stocks next week?


You could see the following price trend: formation of the minimum in the early trading hours of Monday and then subsequent rise until Friday. Bearish side phase between Wednesday and Thursday. Monday will be the confirmation or not of this champion course.

What makes stocks go up and down these days?

Dax Future

Very short bearish trend until we see a daily close above 12.916. Longer upside only with next week’s close above 13,607.

Eurostoxx Future

Very short bearish trend until we see a daily close above 3.522. Only lasting upside with next week’s close above 3,680.

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Ftse Mib Future

Very short bearish trend until we see a daily close above 22.110. Only lasting upside with next week’s close above 22,765.

S&P 500 Index

Very short bearish trend until we see a daily close above 3,960. Lasting highs only with this weekly close above 4,120.

Trading systems trading signals

Bearish trend but bullish oscillators, therefore they remain Flat awaiting developments.

What will happen to the stock exchanges after the opening on Monday?

After an uncertain opening, they could go higher until the close.

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