What is known about the case of the firefighter who was found dead in her house in Ensenada?

Follow the commotion on Cove after the discovery of a 28-year-old firefighter dead in a home in the city center. As she reported 0221.com.areverything became known this Thursday morning, after his father arrived at his home in La Merced between Sarmiento and Peru, and found the door locked.

Faced with this situation, and having no response from the other side, he called 911 and both police officers and firefighters from the Rescue area attended immediately. It was the latter who entered after breaking the glass of the balcony window that overlooks the street.

Once inside, they found the young woman identified as Micaela Soledad Cáceres “lying on the floor of the bedroom, on the right side of the bed and with no vital signs”, explained the sources consulted by this means. Furthermore, it was indicated that there were no forced or violent openings that led to the assumption that Cáceres had been the victim of an illegal act.

What the authorities did discover was a handwritten letter, apparently written by her, “with somewhat confusing content”. For this reason, at first the possibility was conjectured that he could have taken his own life. Hours later, staff at the Judicial Morgue reported that died as a result of heart failure. Nevertheless, More tests will be carried out to find out what caused that failure in his heart.

The investigation, meanwhile, was in the hands of UFI No. 6 of the Judicial Department of La Plata, in charge of the prosecutor Marcelo Romero.

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