What is known about the case of the teacher who died in a gym?

The repercussions and pain continue for the death of a doctor and judo teacher, who was giving a class in a downtown gym in La Plata. The fact It happened after 7 p.m. this Saturday, at the premises located on Calle 49 between 8 and 9.

As reported by police sources and anticipated by SAME medical personnel who assisted him at the scene, the man identified as Eduardo Benedetti -55 years old- died of an alleged “sudden death”.

The man lived in the Federal Capital, He was a surgeon at the National University of Buenos Aires, and also a judo professor. Witnesses who were in the gym say that the victim was doing some exercises and after receiving a call he lost balance and fainted.

SAME was immediately notified, and upon arrival they performed CPR on him and provided him with what was necessary to resuscitate him, but they were unable to do so. Police personnel attended the premises and carried out the corresponding tests and, although the result of the autopsy is awaited, medical specialists anticipated the cause of death.

With the passing of the hours, relatives and close friends of the victim arrived at the gym, who did not come out of their astonishment and could not find an explanation for what happened. It should be noted that a large operation was mounted in the area, in which police and SAME personnel participated, which caused a great stir in the downtown area.

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